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  1. Thank god for the metric and imperial system 🙄... sorry I was using US gallons... 33 US mpg = 40 UK mpg. So that is fine. Do not get me wrong... The transition is smooth, barely noticeable. But indeed, when the engine is cold, it is slightly more noticeable than my old CT.
  2. Hi All, Picked up my new NX300h F sport last month and really love it! However, a few things I really do not like at the moment; 1. ML sound system. The sound system is for me a real disappointment. It just sounds flat, with no bass at all at low volumes. If you crank it up it sounds better but much too loud. Already played around with lows/mids/highs and fader. I can imagine it sounds great for classical music, but that's not my cup of tea... 2. Navigation screen flicker. It looks like the refresh rate of the center navigation screen is off. I can really see a screen flick
  3. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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