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  1. Hi AJ, Yes, likewise, I’m based just on the north side of Lincoln and regularly go to Cadwell Park. In fact I’m a volunteer marshal there in race season. Like you, I’ve seen the white demo at Lincoln and the yellow one at Hull. Just recently Lincoln had a red hybrid too. The only one I’ve seen on the road was a silver hybrid in Gainsborough. i agree, it’s amazing there aren’t more. I guess most people just like to conform. i struggled with the BMW pricing policy, seems like a lottery. I also just got tired of tech for tech sake - why on earth do we need five ways to change the radio volume... Re servicing, I know the crew at Lincoln very well, for me, the epitome of Lexus service. i know the dealer principle, James, very well so if you would like an intro let me know. Like you, my filler flap sticks, I just pop it open at home to loosen it before going to fill up - saves embarrassment. i also wiped the mechanism with paper towel impregnated with fine oil. Seems to be ok at the moment. is your LC your daily driver?
  2. Welcome AJ, I’m quite new to this forum too, and Lexus ownership having bought a Sport+ in November. Like you, I trawled the network before finding the right one. Lexus Sheffield had a lovely white with rose one but it was the standard spec. Finally settled on the one from Lexus Canterbury, red sport+ with only 3k on the clock. Been a BMW owner for many years and nearly bought an 850 when hey cane out. So glad I didn’t, this LC is amazing!!! I’m in Lincoln so if you fancy a get together, give me a shout.
  3. Lovely car, congratulations! I've had mine almost 2 months now (sport+ V8 red with orchre), covered just over 2k was a bmw driver for years, and I thought I enjoyed driving that. Just realising what I was missing. its pure theatre....
  4. You wouldn’t use CarPlay with Miracast, they are completely independent systems. Miracast is the same system you use to stream your phone to your smart tv, it’s all in the manuals
  5. You don’t need CarPlay or android auto, just use the Miracast function which is standard anyway
  6. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!