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  1. Our 2018 F Sport is300h was 43 mpg in winter and 46 mpg in summer. Mix of fair distances and urban on around 15,000 a year. NX is about 40 mpg winter, 42 mpg summer so far but needs a good few distance trips to get those averages.
  2. Regular petrol is around $3.20 per US gallon, roughly 60p a litre, but a year ago was $2.20 per US gallon so goes up about the same as here. When I first went to the US many years ago it was the equivalent of 50p a gallon, happy days. Google says petrol in the UK in 1990 was £1.80 per gallon.
  3. I’d also factor in age. When I was young, a long time ago, I had Triumph Spitfires and MG Midgets, then a range of company cars with limited choice. Then kids so Renault Espace was perfect. Then business needed an estate for computer kit. Then big mileages so LS400 and 430 were great cruisers. Then mid life crisis with Camaro and Corvette. Now bigger mid life crisis with Westfield. Moved from IS to GS to IS to NX and happy with them all. So choice changes as family requirements change. I believe choice is wider because of PCP with many only funding half the car. That’s driven prices higher but increased choice. At present I find the NX slightly easier to get into and out of than the IS, hence the choice.
  4. Take a trip to Daytona Beach on a Sunday. Bouncing hydraulic suspension, pic ups with hot tubs in the back.
  5. I had a 93 LS400 from 95 to 99, did 140,000 and replaced dash and plug leads. Had a 2003 LS430 from 2004 to 2012, did 240,000 and replaced one steering wheel motor, radiator and had two minor issues with air suspension sensors. Preferred the 430.
  6. Here is content from his site, commenting on the BBC blaming the terrible floods in China on climate change. BBC quote Zhengzhou saw 624mm of rainfall on Tuesday, with a third of that amount falling between 16:00 and 17:00 alone, which "smashed historical records". Facts based on data from the Dutch Met Office KNMI ... 624mm in a day is nowhere near a record. Typhoon Nina dumped 1631mm over the area in a single day in 1975. Over Zhenzhou itself, 804mm fell in a day. However, three years later, on July 2nd, an amazing 1894mm of rain fell there. Rain appears to have actually reduced
  7. And Paul Homewood at
  8. I did this on the Westfield, smaller than allowed at (406mm x 89mm) against (520mm x 111mm) but I take the risk as I think they are proportional to the size of the car. They are also spring loaded in case of contact with speed bumps. (From Plates for Cars Dublin.) Or take the risk that all Lambo and Ferrari drivers do around here and fit them in the passenger footwell with velcro *. (Just fell off officer.) * at your risk!
  9. Here are the Gov rules on plates.
  10. This Saturday in the Telegraph “Ask the Expert” was hosted by Alex Robbins. Looks like HJ has moved on. Shame.
  11. Just this, mainly used for supermarket shopping trips.
  12. Years ago a colleague was responsible for the transport fleet at a Copper mine in Africa. They had over 100 Toyota pickups and SUV but the board directors insisted on 6 Range Rovers. His team spent most of their time keeping the RR on the road.
  13. OED suggest it is spelt comma. But thin agin, wat do thay no. 6 months ago I cudnt evin spel inginere, now I is wun.
  14. I think it should be Jürgen Klopp with no comma.
  15. Battersea is now pretty posh, it started to go upmarket when I left in the 70’s. Home to the US Embassy and the Dogs Home.
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