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  1. Just the wife’s IS300h and my Westfield. Really enjoyed building the Westfield and driving is as close to a go cart as you can get. Favourite was probably the LS400. At that time it came with Club Lexus who organised grand nights out. I remember going to the RAC Club to see Tarbuck and Jasper Carrot at Club events, great times. Enjoyed the LS430, I scrapped it in the end and sold off all the parts, keeping the engine and box for a Cobra project. I enjoyed the strip down, really interesting stuff. Cobra didn’t happen, went Corvette instead. Still a big fan but wish Lexus would go Android Auto or Apple Play and make the voice activation work like Google Home or Alexi.
  2. Hello from a returning member. Wife has a 2018 IS300h F Sport. We have also had a 2001 IS200, a 2014 GS300h, a 1993 LS400 and a 2003 LS430. I bought the LS430 with 7,000 on the clock and did 240,000 over 9 years, great car. Had a few crazy cars from Camaro Z28 to Corvette C6 and currently have a Westfield FW.
  3. My wife has a 2018 F Sport and the ride is harder than the other models, but not as hard as my Westfield FW. The F Sport gauges are much better but the red leather seats clinched the deal. Clearly aimed at our late 60’s age group.
  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!