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  1. I’ve been with the Westfield club who run their Speed Series there. Facilities limited but plenty of opportunities. The day I went there was lots of Westfields, Aston’s, hot hatchbacks, mx5’s even a Mazda CX5 together with a few single seaters Check out the They have experience and car track days.
  2. Or snow chains, but often then hindered by others on the road without them. Been on ski holidays when our chalet was above the snow line and the supermarket below so became pretty slick at fitting them. On a ski trip to Lake Tahoe state troopers stopped all two wheel drive cars without chains but allowed our 4WD Blazer through on winter tyres. Used to be part of the excitement arriving at the huge roadside area designated for snow chain installation to find hundreds of cars there with help for hire, and snow chain sales.
  3. Brilliant we had one from 74 to 76, just a little body roll! It took four of us to the South of France towing a 4 man trailer tent. Fast on the downhill bits. Loved the horizontal gear change and the musical engine sounds. Air cooled flat two, like half a Porsche.
  4. But think how quickly you get used to driving your own car in Europe with all the different road procedures. LHD in the UK I think is easier.
  5. Bit like Saudi Arabia. If a foreign national is involved in a road accident they are liable. If they had not been in the country the accident would not have happened. Simples.
  6. Why convert. I used my LHD Camaro Z28 for business and did 76,000 over three years with no real issues. Just need to leave a bit more space to see round the car in front. Corvette was the same, quickly get used to it. Toll booths annoying but that’s life. Insurance a little more but not much. Stopped by police after a night out and the officer went straight to the offside to find my inebriated wife and no steering wheel.
  7. Framed message on the wall of the old Gainsborough Technical College. "6 munths ago I cuddnt evin spel inginere now I is wun
  8. Bit late to the party for BOAC, BEA, BA. Worthy of a moan but in my experience bad on the ground and good in the air, probably the right way round. Superb landing at the old Kai Tak in Hong Kong and then arriving at the airport for the return and finding my flight cancelled. Getting the jump seat for the landing in Nigeria and then being deplaned to identify our luggage on the runway for our return flight. An upgrade in Detroit with my Silver card and then being denied access to the lounge in JFK as they were busy. Still not as bad a Flybe (Flymaybe) with more technical cancellations than I can remember and finding our plane on jacks waiting for a flight from Guernsey. Or the luggage lids flying open on most landings.
  9. For me the “Best Dolby Atmos DTS X Trailers” was the best. Played from a USB drive at 55 volume. Keep em coming, prior to these I preferred anything from Santana but that just shows my age.
  10. I’ve joined and posted a first hello. Just Lexus trying out new things, why not.
  11. My experiences with Lexus servicing of LS400, IS200, LS430, GS300h, IS300h and NX300h since 1996 have been fine. Lexus Sheffield exceptional, Milton Keynes very good and the old Bracknell mob ok. if you’re not happy speak to the centre principal and Lexus. If everyone complains politely when anything goes wrong we all benefit with better service.
  12. Our is300h F Sport was hard and miles away from a Citroen, our old XM just floated.
  13. Used to be able to spend £250 at Calais Wine Supermarket and get a free return train tunnel ticket. Unfortunately it closed at the start of Covid. Easily fitted 19 cases in the old IS and plenty of cheese. £1.99 a bottle for the good stuff.
  14. Agree, corroded/broken height sensor, had it on my 2003 LS430, made the car feel like a go cart.
  15. Fitted a Nextbase to our IS300h and then transferred it to our NX. Pretty easy about 30mins to install using piggyback fuse with all cables neatly hidden. Plenty of posts showing how, just do a search.
  16. Agree, not impressed with AF prices or selling techniques. (You should accept the price now, may go up if you ring back. No thanks.) Lexus insured with Aviva this time, Westfield with APlan who are great. Corvette was insured with Admiral who amazed me with their price.
  17. Agree, on our old IS F Sport, used once then turned off. My old Corvette had much better active noise control, the V8 sound came out of the four pipes at the rear.
  18. Check out the Classic Corvette Club UK, here is a link I was merchandise secretary when I had my C6, good club with lots of events and a fountain of knowledge of things to be aware of when buying. Just be aware it's a Chevy and a long way removed from Lexus quality. Engines really good but electrics/electronics can cause problems. Parts easy to obtain and Rock Auto in the USA a good mail order source for everything. I used to holiday in the states and come back with a suitcase full of spares. That said, all the problems disappear when you rev it.
  19. Enjoyed my Corvette C6 and Camaro Z28. Friends were always amazed at how fast it could move with so few RPM. Just remember the quality won’t be anyway near a Lexus, it’s a Chevy. I toured the Corvette factory in Kentucky in 2016 and was pretty underwhelmed.
  20. Lexus Bracknell serviced our LS400 and were just OK. Lexus Sheffield serviced our LS430 and IS200 and were very good. Lexus MK serviced our GS300h, IS300h and NX300h and have also been very good. We have bought from Lexus Reading (1) Lexus Edgeware (1) Lexus Cambridge (1) Lexus MK (2) and Lexus Stockport (1) and none have been great, but still much better than none Lexus dealers. Salesmen actually listening to what we have asked for would be a good start.
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