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  1. We have our insurance from Lexus Insurance. Why? Having used various others over the years, when the chips were down and we actually needed to use them, the others were, shall we say, less than satisfactory. Obviously, this is just my experience. A rear end shunt was immediately transferred to a claims management firm who wanted to do all sorts (injury claims, when there were no injuries, expensive hire cars) and wouldn’t let the car go to a Lexus centre for repairs. I refused to allow them to take it elsewhere and had to shell out an additional excess for the privilege of having it repaired properly (a previous car had no end of issues having been to a generic body shop). Having subsequently needed a repair under the Lexus policy, it was a doddle, it was picked up and taken straight to Lexus, got a loan car without any hassle and was all sorted with the normal excess. Yes, there may be cheap policies out there, but you get what you pay for when it really matters - who do you want fixing your car? Our 2020 RX costs about £850 for the year, in London, with a clean license and protected max no claims. If you have Lexus breakdown cover too, you get a discount.
  2. We collected our new 450 from the guys at Woodford in January and took the service plan, it worked out cheaper (on paper, at least), so seemed a no-brainer. It’s a lovely motor by the way, the 2020 spec is great with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, we are very pleased with it so far.
  3. Hi, have you tried contacting Lexus customer services? Have had our new RX for 2 weeks (2020 spec) and the app has been asking me to contact the local centre, who know nothing about what they need to do. Customer Services have come back to me tonight after I submitted a question through the Lexus UK website. They say they have competed the activation process and it should all filter down to the app and the car over the next 24hrs. Will see.. It should mean the in-built WiFi hotspot works properly and the Lexus Link app is set up correctly to the multimedia device. So may be worth contacting them to see if there’s issues they can help with.
  4. The answer is..20, which is a result. And, loving it so far 😀
  5. Interestingly, collecting our brand new RX on Saturday, they were trying to flog us the 2for1 extended warranty offer - pay now for when the 3 year manufacturers warranty expires, saying if we didn’t keep the car for the full length of the ext-warranty, we’d get money back pro-rata to when we got rid of it. Said no.
  6. Not sure how they differ between 450h and 400h, but a 400h battery replacement was £125 from Lexus in Sept.
  7. We are trading in our 56 plate RX400h tomorrow, only had the 1 year warranty when we bought it in Jan 2009, never felt the need to extend the warranty and other than the stuff you'd expect to need to do over the years (tyres/brakes) never had a single thing go wrong with it - now 130k miles, serviced/MOT'd annually by Lexus MD. Suspect will not be extending the warranty on the 450 when it's gone either. Yes, they are complex, but (in my experience at least), uber reliable - hopefully not jinxing things from here on!
  8. We are expecting our new Mesa Red 450h any day now, replacing dark grey 400h, think will be good to have a change of colour.
  9. Newbie posting here, waiting for our new RX F-Sport that's due for delivery any day. Anyone got a new one recently? Did you end up with a 2019 spec or 2020? Ta
  10. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!