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  1. Hmm, thats possible..... The workshop actually removed some kind of stock casing between the exhaust manifold and the main cat. Thanks..........
  2. Hi, I use my hand to depress the petal while looking undercarriage and notice that high pitch sound coming from the cat during high rev. BTW what is exhaust gaskets?
  3. Hi, Is there anyone who can help me on the mentioned issue? Rgds N C
  4. Hi Guys, I am driving a IS200 and recently I had my 2 x pre-cat removed. My Main-Cat is stock. But whenever I reach High RPM around 4000-5000 rpm I could hear a high pitch sound coming from the main-cat. Any idea on how I can fix it? BTW is it normal that stock exhaust will sound louder with the pre-cat removed? Your help is greatly appreicated Thanks N C
  5. Hi I heard that with lightweight rim and tires we can improve the pickup of our cars (IS200). 1. Is it true and by how much? 2. What is the weight of our stock 17” rim with Dunlop SP9000? 2. I intend to upgrade to a 6.2kg rims with light weight performance tires. I am not sure what type of lightweight performance tires there are out there. Any recommendation? Will these configuaration provide better performance? 3. Is Continental SportCompact 2 and Yokohama AVS dB a lightweight performance tires? 4. Which one is quieter? Are they more silence than Dunlop SP9000? Thanks N C
  6. Hi, IS200 Auto have the following marking at the gear box: L 2 3 D Can it behave like a manual transmission? That is we take off from L than move up to 2 than 3 and finally D. Will it spolit the gear box? N C