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  1. As the damage is so near the seam I think total replacement is the the best option. If I had seen this on a forecourt I'd have walked on by and bought a Merc or Beemer, but having arrived in Shetland I've fallen in love with her, the 450h is such a relaxing car to drive.
  2. I have been looking for a secondhand seat but no joy, i just wondered if this supplier had been used by any members.
  3. I have been looking for a replacement drivers seat squab since purchasing my 2007 450h unseen earlier this year. Have any members dealt with a US company called "US auto seat cover" Fits 2006 to 2011 Lexus GS350 Driver Bottom Leather Perforated Seat Cover GRAY | eBay
  4. Thanks guys for your advise and after much online research I've plumed for giving this a shot just on the rear screen.
  5. No rear screen wiper on the 450h, what is the best application to promote water runoff.
  6. GS 450h, what a crackin car with one wee niggle the driver seat has a couple of slits in the perforated leather, one in the back support and another in the base cushion. This is buggin the hell out of me, as it's perforated leather it will only get worse with time. Have any members used ? They can do a standard leather refit for for just over £1k. Lexus Direct however quoted ... "Hi Colin The covers are available separately too, the backrest cover is £1956.08 and the base is £1536.16 including VAT. These are both available for five working day delivery which will be £5.99 to UK Mainland. Parts Supervisor Lexus Parts Direct" What is the tried and tested answer to split leather seats? Thanks Colin
  7. Hi guys, just purchased this GS 450h 2007 and having it shipped from Aberdeen to Shetland. I notice the rear nearside reversing sensor appears to have lost its colour cap, is it of any importance? Not received the car yet this is one of the drop off pictures from the transporter.
  8. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!