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  1. Hi. The car had a full service and I got the ECU caps renewed, but it still had this issue "randomly". On some days it was working absolutely stunning on the others started like a crap and had no power. One day we broke our usual routine of hopping in the car, start it, turn the AC on and go where we need to be. At half way when we turned the AC on that weird sound started again... and this is where we realised how dumb we are. It was the AC compressor... So if you have a weird noise and power loss you can put this on your checklist
  2. Hi. Maybe the sound quality is not the best. Before this problem and when it's working properly like before, the car is way much smoother and has no scratchy bearing noise. You can hear it slightly on the video and it is way more louder on higher speed. I was looking around and it is possible to be the pulley or water pump, but I'm not a mechanic so want to make sure
  3. Hi. My LS400 (1996 65K miles) sometimes feel like it is losing power and has a weird noise (sounds like an RC car) when it is speeding. I checked the engine controller which was in pristine condition, but to make sure everything is all right I changed the condensators to the recomended ones. It also had a major service yesterday to keep it in shape (oil system flushed, fuel system cleaned, oil changed, filter changed, front wheels balanced...), but this issue is still present. Is anyone had the same before?