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  1. How is your brother Phil, we could all do with some good news!
  2. Everyone can and is likely to be infected at some point, the difference will be in the impact the infection may have upon the individual, for younger people the impact is going to be much lower, of course they will be exceptions in every age group to the norm. Please understand that to overcome this people need to be infected, the current restrictions are only in place to slow down the rate of infection while the NHS prepares to manage the peak infection point (which will come). People in large numbers will die, many of these would have died anyway of some illness this year, current restrictions will not stop that happening, all they can do is slow down and spread out the deaths. The only advantage to the current restrictions is with luck we may save more of those likely to die by having the correct equipment and care available.and the total who die will be lower. It could still be 20,000 plus. Most of us need to be infected sooner rather than later if we are to get back to normal.
  3. Because people in your area have been panic buying? Cause and effect.
  4. It may be different in different places, but shops are being restocked and if everyone is sensible it will be fine for all. Panic will not help anyone.
  5. Why all the panic and worry? All the shops I have seen the last couple of days (getting supplies for those house bound) have been full of stock and you are able to buy just about everything (including Loo Roll). Plenty of drink available as well. Negative false stories caused and will cause panic buying again. Calm down!
  6. My CT 200 does not allow you to lock the keys in the car, if you try it beeps and the screen tells you the keys are still in the car.
  7. Hi Jason, it depends upon the options taken up. I have the F Sport with the Tech pack and convenience pack. This gets the 10" screen with the square controller and the updated NAV system which is updated via SD card. It does look different to the basic set up. The convenience park gets front and rear parking sensors and smart keyless doors, and LED headlights..
  8. I have a 2019 F Sport with the Tech and Convenience Pack, two really good options, the LED headlights are really good and I love the 10" screen and the double screen option.
  9. Moleman


    Just beginning to enjoy my 2019 CT 200h F Sport, Tech and Convenience Pack. So far great to drive if rather different to my previous 2.0 Turbo HDI. Any one know if the mirrors can be set to fold when locking and open when unlocking? I know I have a button to do this but this is the first car of mine in twenty plus years not to have this feature. Really surprised at Lexus if this is not possible. Also anyone manage to get Connected Services to work? Cannot see how it finally connects to the car. Will have other questions in time I know, but love the car so far.
  10. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!