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  1. My CT was supplied with a full set of rubber mats - front and rear. Is it just the ES or all Lexus models?
  2. No cover provided for the full size tyre, picture attached.
  3. space saver and all parts came with the car from new.
  4. Mine works, text come up on screen and you can have the text read out as well. 2019 F sport.premium navigation
  5. My CT has the space saver and it fits.
  6. 2017 onwards premium nav system wide screen. It is disappointing if they are stopping supplying other systems.
  7. Just taken from the Lexus Map update page: PW675-00A43 15MM EMVN 2019Q2 (Spring 2020 Map Update) 165,00 Available it says for CT 200
  8. There is a 2020 update on SD card for the CT available on the Lexus Sat Nav page, do you mean cars without the SD Card?
  9. Moleman

    New lad

    Left foot parking brake, you only use when getting in the car and leaving the car. Start car, put in drive or reverse release foot parking brake (no lever on dash on CT). The brake moves up and out of the way of your left foot, left foot then rests on foot rest for the rest of your trip (nothing else to do). CVT gear box does creep just like an auto (which it is). When finally getting out of the car, stop and press park button on dash, press down the left foot parking brake, switch off car. Use it once or twice and it becomes second nature. At all other times when driving just use the main brake pedal in the middle (with the right foot). Motoring reviews are it seems written by people who have never driven the CT or do not understand how the CT drives. Enjoy the car, learn how to get the best out of the engine set up, once you understand how it works it is an amazing drive. I am now on 12K miles and seeing 60 mpg for normal town driving. Really pleased I chose to test drive one and ignore the reviews in the press.
  10. Moleman

    New lad

    I have the same car, love it, once you get the hang of driving differently you will wonder why all cars are not like this. Enjoy!
  11. I believe Listers are beginning to open, had an E Mail telling me that, not sure of the date.
  12. How is your brother Phil, we could all do with some good news!
  13. Everyone can and is likely to be infected at some point, the difference will be in the impact the infection may have upon the individual, for younger people the impact is going to be much lower, of course they will be exceptions in every age group to the norm. Please understand that to overcome this people need to be infected, the current restrictions are only in place to slow down the rate of infection while the NHS prepares to manage the peak infection point (which will come). People in large numbers will die, many of these would have died anyway of some illness this year, current restrictions will not stop that happening, all they can do is slow down and spread out the deaths. The only advantage to the current restrictions is with luck we may save more of those likely to die by having the correct equipment and care available.and the total who die will be lower. It could still be 20,000 plus. Most of us need to be infected sooner rather than later if we are to get back to normal.