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  1. I did this job in the last couple of weeks the ARB bushes are easy - the drop links are a different matter! I replaced the OEM bushes with PU ones from strongflex and I absolutely love they have virtually eliminated any leaning - the noise is a little annoying but they make up for in handling means it was worth it - front and rear set £60 delivered to Scotland.
  2. Grab a bru, this is a long post but I hope you will benefit from my experience/ mistakes!!! I had a similar issue "Check VSC" but with code P2757 - I think I have fixed it, taking 3x oil changes (9l of Toyota WS ATF @ £15 p/l), a new SLU solenoid (£250 from Lexus) and 2x shudder fix (£15 from eBay, friction modifier), 2x AT filters and gaskets - the gasket is not reusable and must be changed and you must use sealant to mate the sump with the AT unit. And about 6 hours in total of ramp time (3 hours each time @15ph) - first time a mechanic pal did me a solid. In line with previous co
  3. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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