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  1. Hi there Ben sorry I have already sold them. Thanks for the email. Regards Gary
  2. Hi there Thomas sorry for the delay in replying. I have the part you are looking for.
  3. Morning Peter your emails did arrive. I have texted my mechanic when he gets back to me I will send over some pictures. Regards Gary
  4. Hi Jack send pictures of what you need. And I will let you no what we have. I will send pictures back. So you can let me know if you want the parts. Gary
  5. Hi Jack the car is at my mechanic. I will talk to him in the morning. I get some pictures of what we have. Hopefully we can help. regards Gary
  6. Hi there I am breaking a car text me if I can help
  7. Hi there I am breaking a car email me and I send you pictures I have the tools and tool cover. My email is garypugs2@gmail.com. Here is a picture of the car.
  8. Hi there Cheryl. I have a front wing but it's not blue. This is the colour of the car it's green not black. If I can help let me know Gary
  9. The car is being used for part for my lexus. Just seeing if people need some part.
  10. Who needs parts just message me
  11. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

    1. 2ddesign



      Have you a working plastic cup holder you are selling as mine has stuck and could be broken!