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  1. i have a quote Dublin to London 26 euro insured A002/GB/AL2 1AB/service?origin-city=Dublin&destination-city=London Colney&p=15,50,20,20
  2. Radiator - usually bottom right hand side corner ( i did see a few of them including my 450h ) Water pump - also i see a few of 450h same issue Cost me for both of them 300 euro without fitting Shocks as well ( mine was rear ones ) - brand new genuine 1360 euro all 4 of them without fitting
  3. not at his p[rice , but is not very expensive if you look around internet
  4. Hi lads , i have 4 brand new genuine shock s for gs 450 h 2006-2011 with invoice , i bought them for my ex gs but i don t have time to change them ( don t really have to change them but at that time i was thinking about ) and in the mean time i sell the car already and i have an LS 600h , i buy them for 1360 eu . sell price i think 900 will be ok For any questions just ask I am base in Dublin For sale: 2008 Lexus GS 450H Shockabsorbers Item Condition: Brand New Price and price conditions: 900 euro Location: Dublin , Ireland
  5. Finally my car it s fixed , all done , i found at the end a Lexus garage in Dublin and they just fixed , cost me 500 eu but i just don t care , also a few more errors was fix so all in all my car is back . Thank you guys for trying to helping me and also i wish to say a big Thank You to all those who work on my car , i recommend them 1000000% .iI will add a link here , never know who will need them.,-6.162422,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x48670981584bf2ad:0x856b6790bf3eb395!8m2!3d53.2793254!4d-6.1602333 ps. I just buy this little device ( traker gps ) cheapest subscription i found yet , if anyone it s interested i add that link too ( they will give you 100 Us back at your first review ) i tested already for about a month and i can say it just what i need ( this is not a review lol and i already get my 100 us gift amazon card )
  6. Yes the car have all those and those faults only show up now not before , i did drive yesterday in rain and dirt and i have the badge dirty but it s clean now and should be ok , but still that pcs it s on
  7. in order to get the error i have to drive , so i will and then will do it again ...
  8. sorry for bad quality here is exactly what that idiot do , i just do it again ...but no option to turn that off
  9. this is what i was try to do just now few minutes i will upload them
  10. Thank you i said to Herbie i did install i connect to my car go in the menu but no option to turn that off
  11. I did install setup and connect to my car ....but no luck with ...don t know where to go and what to do , i did go in lane assist menu but nothing there to turn off that
  12. i don t find anything on google , there are some post s but non of them with a solution and none of them with my exactly problem , and yes i have the cable
  13. I did , i just got it yesterday , but as i said i don t know what to do , if you know where i have to go and what to do i can give you a call tomorrow and will try to see what s happen , and i don t want this for free .
  14. Thank you for your quick reply , trust me i wish to know where and how ....but ...i am good with computers but not with those ones ...
  15. Hi , i get this problem after i call a SPECIALIST i have a problem at first with rear parking sensor but only sometimes and i call a " specialist" , so he come over and check with his laptop ( have Techstream on ) and i see him opening lane keeping assist and try to activate something there and i ask why he go there if i have a problem with my parking sensor , any way he get an error ( Object recognition camera initialization incomplete ) and that was all , ( my car does not have lane keeping assist at all ) , he clear all errors i pay him and that was all , till next morning when i drive my car ( big mistake , i should drive my car on the spot ) and this error showing up check pcs system and so on , so i check with carista obd and i have this error C1A23 , also i can t find this guy anymore , he only answer once to me on the phone and that s it ...Lexus Ireland main dealer said to me they can t do anything because they are in busines with lexus only from 2013 and my car is 2008 and they can t do anything ( don t buy this , i think the problem is that my car have UK reg ) , so i am stock with this problem , i can clear the error but is show up once i drive , if i turn off the car same , no errors till i drive , i have battery off for about 15 20 min but nothing change ... thank you in advance for any help i will get regards
  16. I find this link and i think will be very help full for everyone in search for parts no This one is for Lexus GS 450 H 2008
  17. I find this link and i think will be very help full for everyone in search for parts no This one is for Lexus LS 600H 2008
  18. Here is the part i was talking for those who might need
  19. If anyone need all those parts for retrofit ACC this car have them ... also this one have them too ...but the guy who have the car is a bit expensive ...
  20. Not sure if anyone posted but maybe we should check what this guy say...
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