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  1. Good to hear, Sanjb. Thanks for sharing that. I will add it to the pile. This far, no negatives about Lexus Twickenham. PeteTxP
  2. Hi Graham, Thanks for your contribution - all noted. Think most car outlets have closed. The one in question certainly has for the foreseeable. I don’t have the kahoonas to buy remotely. Seeing is believing. Touching is even better. If I were to pursue thIs proposition I’d have no option other than to travel to Middlesex. That would only be undertaken after a satisfactory form of due diligence to minimise the chances of it wasting everyone’s time. Hope that makes sense. Thus far, this dealership sounds to be ok as not had any members sounding alarm bells or notes of caution. However, this thread is but young!! PeteTxP
  3. Thanks Graham, That all sounds pretty decent. In my view it’s not so much the error but much more about the way you put it right. Did you deal with any particular member of their Sales Team? Appreciate you sharing your experiences - TVM. PeteTxP
  4. Hello, May I please throw out a question, to the body (sorry!) of the LOC community, regarding Lexus Twickenham? Has anyone had any dealings good or bad over the last year or two with the Sales Dept? How was your experience? Did you deal with a particular member of the Sales Team? Did you buy from them? Would you recommend them? I suppose, upon reflection, I’m gently asking for a review. If there is a club member with some knowledge or wisdom of this dealership I’d be very pleased if they would share it. If you’d prefer to be discreet, then just say and PM me instead. All information gratefully received and no morsel too trivial. TVM in anticipation. PeteTxP
  5. Hi Sanjb May I ask have you any previous experience of Lexus Twickenham? If so, is/was it sales or service dept? If you could help I’d be grateful. TVM. PeteTxP
  6. Nothing finer than Simple Minds and this is top of the pile. Best enjoyed via the majesty of your ML system aboard your Lexus. Enjoy..... Dosage: Once daily (at least). If symptoms continue repeat at your discretion until the world’s a safer place
  7. Careful? Blimey, my sensors are on highest alert like a shark smelling blood. I too have seen the adverts you’ve referred to. I’ve set up an alert but it’s not 100% reliable. Thanks again PeteTxP
  8. Thanks John for that advice. I’ve edited my post. My intention is purely to help fellow enthusiasts and LOC members avoid the same experience that I had of a seller who was less than straight. Hope that clears up any issues. PeteTxP
  9. Leopard and spots. Nuff said😉 Nevertheless, we all owe each member the favour of spreading our words of warning. I certainly will. PeteTxP
  10. Hi David, From direct personal experience I can say that his cars weren’t sold with any warranty. He did however push the insurance of a certain provider that has the most appalling online reviews - doubtless for a kickback. FWIW, the vehicle I was intending to buy was, “Not being sold by Lexus Southwest/John Churchill but for his friend. The car had a 12 month transferable warranty already on it”. Hmmmmm......That was the story I was given. During some due diligence, I had verified that Mr F was the registered owner and keeper of the vehicle, that he had a warranty on the car and it could easily be transferred to me on purchase. That assurance came directly, in writing, from the warranty company. I still have a photocopy of the V5 and his letter of warranty inception from the provider. The VIN ties up. It’s worth noting that Lexus Southwest setup a website that was arguably trying to mimic Lexus mainline by using their style of icons and other similarities. However, I understand that when the matter was raised by a LOC member with Lexus U.K. they seem disinterested in their poorly executed doppelgänger, in Yate. There we are. An interesting story that ends with relief that I promptly terminated my dealings with Mr Churchill the second I smell vermin at the onset of his BS and waffle.....and got all my deposit back too.....before it got much more difficult To conclude, I’d strongly advise anyone against buying anything from Mr John Churchill or Mr Alan Fellows. I’d also advocate a proper check of the authenticity of any outfit that calls itself ‘Lexus blah dee blah’ with Lexus UK. Er.....that’s it. PeteTP
  11. Thanks Roy, keep ya posted. Keep well and safe in these strange circumstances we all find ourselves in. PeteTP
  12. Take it from those that know, do NOT have any dealings with Mr John Churchill or his pseudo specialist Lexus dealership, Lexus Southwest. It’s being struck off as a registered company. The grim details are available on ‘IS 250 Automatic Wanted‘.
  13. Blimey Roy, Well, well well. That just shows what a tricky operator Mr Churchill actually is. So I think I dodged a bullet there by saying “No” as soon as he and the person* that was asking him to sell the LS I was interested in started their ‘funny business’. Disgusting behaviour and utter chancers. I think that this info needs to be put up as a separate thread so that all LOC members are informed. It also ought to be copied into Cars for Sale forum IMO. WARNING: The black LS460 SE-L (LD07 LSY) is still on eBay as is the Silver one. It’s John Churchill that’s trying to sell them. The owner of the black one is a *Mr Alan Fellows who lives in Bristol. AVOID BOTH OF THESE PEOPLE AND ANY OF THEIR VEHICLES LIKE THE PLAGUE. Thanks Roy for that important information. PeteTP
  14. PS Terry, You are probably already aware but when the front doors are open these are 2 nice little touches that were factory standard. Sorry if you think they’re a bit twee or naff. Thats enough from me! PeteTP