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  1. Hi Tulpen, TVM for your offer. Have you sustained any rad/transmission contamination problems? If so what sort of budget is required to sort it? Air suspension behaved itself? To add to the expensive ‘13 plate above I’ve just discovered this one which I’m trying to get more info on: 460&page=1&aggregatedTrim=SE-L&make=LEXUS&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&modal=photos As I’ve previously said, everybody is welcome to comment on these 2 examples good, bad or otherwise. Thnx in advance to you all. PeteTP
  2. Aha! Good point well made John. I’m not referred to as they village idiot’ for nothing you know 🙄. Right then, the link below refers: Sorry for not having added the link first time round. Anyway, all comments, advice and guidance for this LS newbie gratefully received. TVM in anticipation. PeteTP
  3. And is if you knew it would happen...... this dealer sent me this puppy for consideration a short time ago. Ridiculous to the sublime? Mileage ✔️ Price 🥴 and a gap of a year where no MoT was carried out. Have asked the question but thus far no reason forthcoming. Thoughts/wisdom of you kind members please if I may? TVM. PeteTP
  4. Thank you The-acre for your advice in which you’re not alone. It is also where my own mental swingometer is pointing. No harm nevertheless in a healthy debate. Regarding his Lordship, maybe law enforcement might be interested.....every little helps😉. PeteTP
  5. Very sorry for the contradiction and confusion that causes. Yes, you’re absolutely right on that. But the 50k mile diamond is turning out to be akin to the search for Lord Lucan. Therefore, by way of (extreme) comparison, I thought I’d just raise the idea with the membership or at least those that may wish to give their 2p worth. PeteTP
  6. Just to throw this out there to the wise and experienced membership. May I canvass you’re opinion as to whether this this a ‘yes’, ‘no’ or best politely declined? Have already benefitted from the prudent thoughts of a an earlier participant on this thread...sensible chap he is too....but thought that no survey of feelings can be too large. All responses gratefully received. Thank you to the kind folk of the LOC for ‘holding my hand‘ as I scratch this itch!! PeteTP
  7. 🤢envious of all that wafting. My search continues 🤞
  8. TVM, great we are all of a like mind. 👍 PeteTP
  9. Hello Shahpor, Thank you for those sentiments; very kind of you. Your avatar shows a mighty fine looking GS which appears to enjoy TLC. Would I be right in thinking you too a v happy Lexus owner? Regarding this club, I intend to stick around in the LOC as my ‘07 IS250 SE-L is simply the best car I’ve ever had......I just need more space now as our boys grow up! Hence the appeals for a guiding hand in my search for that elusive LS. To date it remains elusive! Anyway...... IMO the folk that drive a Lexus and are members of the LOC seem to, generally speaking, have similar thoughts about the cars and the brand. So it’s nice to know that there are learned folk out there willing and (very) able to share their knowledge and wisdom to help fellow members solve their Lexus problems/queries. I for one am most grateful. Result? Happiness 👍😃 Thanks again Shahpor. PeteTP
  10. Good for you Malc. Similar sentiments this end....until I have another change of tune, drive by the LS itch needing another scratch . I will keep you all up dated. PeteTP
  11. Have read all the posts on that very useful thread and now.....I’m confused! The estimates of Hybrid fault rectification costs make me freeze over. Then again air suspension failure or transmission contamination is equally frightening. So am going to retreat into my cave to rub my chin...a lot....whilst I wonder what to do. As I’ve said many times already I’m very appreciative of EVERYBODY’s input(s). Hmmmmm🥴 PeteTP