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  1. Hello there, For the avoidance of doubt I’m NOT a detailer. However I’ve read, from those that do it professionally, that prudent use of a heat gun can mitigate the scuff marking on the B pillar. Also, toothpaste (who’d think of trying that out?) is an alternative. There’s no guarantee and do it at your own risk chaps. FWIW, I gently trialled it on the magazine stowages on the back of driver and front passenger seats of my ES. I was pleasantly surprised by the affect it had. But I’d strongly advise a little bit repeated as required rather than a huge globule. Hope that might be of some use. PeteTP
  2. For those that still have some interest in this thread…… Ive got some figures for a full PPF COLOURLESS protection film and TBH they are sooo huge they’re just nothing more than a concept. That slipped me down the thoughts snake to square one. That’s where I know introduce another alternative of which I have no experience. I refer to nano ceramic coating. Can any of you wish gurus out there provide the argument(s) for and against this route when compared to PPF or just not spending large amounts on the paintwork? Many thanks in anticipation. PeteTP
  3. TVM ColinBarber - I’m considering everything including not doing it at all!!!! It’s an interesting if not eye-wateringly expensive proposition - in whole or in part. PeteTP
  4. In the words of ‘Auntie’, “other wraps are available”. But I do agree that there are some monstrosities of bad taste about. My wrap would be impossible to see as it would be clear (like kitchen cling film) and colourless. I have no intention of disfiguring or diminishing the look of my cherished steed. All that said my mind is still not made up. Dithering, procrastination and stalling? Yes, I think that’s a fair comment! PeteTP
  5. Hmmm. Think I’d describe that on the list of colour options as ‘acquired taste’ or something similar. Im considering nothing more funky than what is (clear) cling film. Pricey cling film well applied at that!! PeteTP
  6. Oh you’re tempting me LenT. I think I need to get firm figures for total cost to either ‘put up, or shut up’. Here in East Anglia I’m not aware of more than 2 places that offer this service. The results of one (on a friend’s car) I found to unimpressive. The other provider did a great job on a MBZi saw, but they’re an hour away. Child 1, who sowed this acorn in my swede, is very keen on a place in the nation’s capital. However, before I’ve even checked, I think you need a footballer’s salary for that outfit, brilliant though they are. Mulling ops continue! TVM as always. PeteTP
  7. Las Palmas I couldn’t agree more about the aerial bombardment from our feathered friends. I’m particularly affected by pigeons in our corner of the forest. They’re ‘Rats of the Sky’ and definitely no pals of mine🤬. Its the cost that I’m struggling with. Plus my car is about to turn two years old. Dya think I’m a bit late to the wrap party?! PeteTP
  8. TVM for that Ken. I’ll add that to the evidence database. Cheers, PeteTP
  9. Gentlemen Many thanks for your sound and thought provoking advice. I will continue to mull over this. I’m c. 90/10 against but child 1 thinks it’s a great idea. Guess who’s not paying?! TVM PeteTP
  10. Hello, Any thoughts on whether wrapping a car is a good idea? TIA. PeteTP
  11. Rabbers you’re bluetoothed to my thinking. Unfortunately there doesn’t this far to be a service provider near my corner of the woods. I dont think that it’s off the table just yet. PeteTP
  12. Thanks Rabbers for that steer (forgive that unintended pun) which I wasn’t aware of. However, given the lack of responses from 90+ views I’m minded to reconsider my idea. Mulling will continue’til further notice. TVM, PeteTP
  13. OMG Marko89! That’s not acceptable and I’d be asking that Nextbase pay for Lexus to (professionally) put it back to its original condition. After all you didn’t ask them to trash the A pillar trim did you? PeteTP
  14. Hello there, I am fortunate to have an ES Takumi (2020) and am making the odd one or two subtle additions to make it even more to my liking. Latest notion is to research embossing or debossing the front headrests (like in F Sport) with the Lexus logo. There are probably many do’s and don’ts which I’m keen to discover. Anybody out there thinking along similar lines, already done the same or prepared to share their wisdom, knowledge and experience? In particular, companies that come highly recommended and the ones to avoid? All responses gratefully received. Thank you in anticipation. PeteTP
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