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  1. I believe Lexus Nottingham have a 20 plate Sport + in white. It’s advertised at almost list but they will know that is way off realistic.
  2. I don’t think any 17 or 18 plate car would be anywhere near as high as £65k.The 68plate at Cheltenham was one I looked into last October and is now £57k but it’s red.
  3. No mention of budget,but there are other non white colours at main dealers,black,grey,silver. When I was hunting for mine last year I wanted red or white .In the end I settled on my Sport in white as it met my main requirements as I wasn’t bothered about the Sport + extras but did want the larger wheels,carbon roof and ML sound system and a really low mileage. I know some dealers have demo units which are not yet advertised,so a call round might find what you are looking for.
  4. The fact they have told you that waiting is ok must mean they whole dealership is open from 1st June. Hoping that sales departments will have plenty of business to keep these dealerships sound.
  5. Lexus Bradford stating on their Facebook page that they are now open for servicing and repair by appointment. Hopefully others will follow and maybe sales will open at beginning of June.
  6. Thanks Roger. Only interested out of curiosity. Like most people,I am interested in what effect this awful virus will have on the motor market. AJ.
  7. Good question. what is the official position re main dealers generally? Have they been told they must shut or is it because they cannot protect customers and staff. Most of our local small vehicle repair garages are open and busy. I looked at several Lexus dealer Facebook pages and none are open other than to help NHS etc.
  8. Has this auction happened and any idea if the car sold .If it did,would expect significant reduction in value from earlier this year. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for that.I will have a look when I get the car out of the garage for yet more detailing(as opposed to driving!) AJ
  10. Hi Andy, what is the quickest way to find out which map version is in the car.I have looked at the mammoth Owners manuals which Lexus have sent me and can see no mention. Thanks, AJ.
  11. The forums are awash with questions about charging the 12v battery. There appear to be ,generally,different views as to whether we should connect up to the battery direct or via the jump start connectors under the bonnet.The manual states use the latter but with all my previous cars I have put the ctek onto the battery.This has been supported in some other forums as it bypasses the vehicles various wiring channels. What are others doing with their LC?
  12. Great to read your story. The infotainment system gets much easier to use with practice. I also have the Mark Levinson and think it’s extremely good. The wheel decision certainly divides opinion.For me,I love the design of the bigger ones and having detailed them often,they are very easy to keep clean and fill the arches better. Look forward to further updates. A J.
  13. Hi, No worries,I know you are not arguing with me. It’s good to have some rapport with a fellow LC owner as there are so few.I am used to the Porsche and BMW forums where there are hundreds. I will watch that vid later as it’s a while since I saw it. Having been told about the legislation and actually having a new M2 Comp in October 18 with this filter I am assuming all systems have to have it.However,maybe they are not fitted if the manufacturer can reduce emissions in some other way.Certainly I was told that after September 18 it is illegal to make the exhaust louder than when factory fitted although I know this is generally ignored. Maybe there is someone from the RCF forum who has better technical knowledge of the Lexus V8 engine. In reality,it doesn’t affect your proposed changes as you are working on the tail end of the exhaust. A J.
  14. My understanding is that all cars ,post September 18 have to have the particulate filter,similar to the one fitted on diesels for some years.On my M2 this was a clearly visible extra can. It drastically reduces the sound.Porsche took ages to redesign theirs last year and stopped production of most models for months.All manufacturers had to comply with stricter emission regs. I have not got under my LC500 but from your description it sounds like it’s not there or is,in some way,built into the system elsewhere.I assume that as your car is a 68 plate that the above applies.Having compared the sound of my car with the many YouTube vids,it is definitely not as loud.Most of these are overseas cars or pre late 18. If I am wrong,I apologise but this filter has caused huge discussion and expense to most of my petrolhead pals who have tried to improve the sound of various makes by fitting aftermarket products and coding out warnings etc.This,of course,is likely to affect the warranty and future MOTetc. I would be delighted to know Lexus got around the emissions stipulations by some other means,if that is possible. Regardless,I am keen to hear how your proposed changes pan out.The backbox changes I have seen on YouTube have necessitated scrapping the rear diffuser to allow for larger tailpipes,which look awesome. Hope your quarantine goes smoothly. A J.
  15. I think the problem for us in Europe is the wretched particulate filter in the exhaust system,which has to be fitted to all cars registered after 1/9/18.This has a big influence on our exhaust note and cannot be removed without throwing warning lights and not complying with law etc. What aftermarket system have you looked at.The States have various options.Will you go for a rear box only so as to leave the cats and filter in place? A J.