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  1. I cannot comment on Apple CarPlay as I don’t want it but a lot of negative comment on the infotainment system is made by reviewers who have no experience of the car. We have the latest BMW I drive in another car,which is superb,but having got used to the Lexus system we have no problem at all. The Mark Levinson sound system is very good,helped by the fact the car is better insulated to exterior noise than,say ,a 911 Porsche. It is a shame if a great car is dismissed because it doesn’t have the latest tech when it represents such a superb drivers alternative to the usual suspects eg,BMW 8 Series or AM Vantage etc.
  2. Thanks Ben. Sorry to hear about the body repair. Your thread on the issue was a couple of months back.Hopefully it is now completed. I hope you are back enjoying your car.
  3. Malcolm, Has the dealer given any date for the parts to arrive?
  4. Having completed over 1K miles in my LC I have regularly checked my mpg properly and it has averaged 29.2 mpg overall. This is many journeys of 10 to 60 miles including town/city. I reckon that’s pretty impressive for a heavy car and a V8 motor. Contrary to what it may look like,I do not just poodle about and it did take me a while to master an incredibly sensitive throttle.The merest feathering produces a dramatic improvement in consumption and I used the meter in the car to monitor this.Now it’s just normal to drive it how I want. Buying a V8 and worrying about economy is not the issue,I just thought anyone considering buying one might be interested to know they can achieve these figures and obviously a lot more on a long run.
  5. Hi Mark, Good to get feedback on Lexus Lincoln. I did borrow their red hybrid for 3 days when it was brand new and they tried to get the red V8 from their Cheltenham branch but wouldn’t budge on deal.They offered me the hybrid at a very reasonable price but wanted an instant decision.I really wanted a V8. We must meet up soon and great to hear you marshall at Cadwell.Its such a good venue to just drop in for lunch and a wander around the pits on track days.I have a good friend who is a motor trader and Porsche specialist in Lincoln and through him have met up with a number of like minded specialist car owners. We have a BMW M140i Shadow as a main daily plus a little Mazda AWD. The 140 is an incredible car with blistering performance yet crazy good mpg.It was one of the reasons I sold the M2 Competition which I factory ordered a year before,as in some ways they were too similar.The LC is on another level in all respects.
  6. Hi Mark, Great to hear from an LC owner not far from me. I am in the Wolds quite near Horncastle so it would be good to meet up sometime.With friends I regularly visit Cadwell Park ,which is up the road,just to watch track days and get coffee etc. The only LC I have seen in our county are the white and red demos from Lincoln and a yellow one with a distinctive plate which I assume is the Hull demo. We have had a number of BMW and until last year used Soper in Lincoln but our last 3 in the family have come from Marshall’s in Grimsby.Like you,I considered the 850 but fell for the LC. Even in Hybrid form I liked it but the V8 is just glorious. The discounting from BMW is crazy and makes a mockery of list prices. Not sure which dealer to use for servicing and possible warranty work.Lincoln is the nearest but seems quite small.Have you been to them yet? Hoping to see more content on this forum and as I keep saying,cannot understand why these cars are not bigger sellers when compared to rivals.They are amazing as you say! AJ.
  7. Sorry to hear of the delay.Makes me even more nervous to get mine done if it takes so much stripping and replacing parts. Would have hoped they could have given some idea of timescale.
  8. This is a new recall,although the article was from an American publication and only referred to US cars.It is also discussed on the US forum for LC owners. Cannot imagine the US engines are different to UK cars so presumably it will apply here. Re the fuel flap.The cynic in me wonders if dealers are stripping more trim in different areas as they have not had this issue before and a Technical Service Bulletin has not been issued to guide them.
  9. I read about a forthcoming low pressure fuel pump recall in America but not before March.Seems odd to announce it and then say we cannot fix it yet. The article stated it affected a number of Lexus and Toyota models built in 2018.Mine would fit that timescale. Wendle,have you just received the recall on your RCF?
  10. Thanks for the update Malcolm. I am waiting on your report before discussing with my dealer as I want to be in a position to explain that I know of at least two cars which have had the work done. It would be very helpful if you were able to confirm which trim is stripped out.As I said before,looking at the flap assembly through the open door,it looks as though it is held in by 4 bolts and could be removed through the opening.Shows what I know!
  11. That is ideal,having a guy who specialises.I assume your dealer is in Kent. I am new to Lexus so don’t have much rapport other than when the supplying dealer,who is not my nearest,sold the car to me.I will have to decide whether to approach the supplying dealer or another one to have this work done now I know of two others where the issue has been accepted.
  12. I was hoping the job didn’t entail stripping interior trim. Looking at the assembly through the open flap,there are some bolts evident which look like they secure a single assembly including the hinge. The only part not visible is the actual hinge which is angled behind the rear wing but it looks like the unit can be removed from the opening.Clearly not if they have to come in from the interior. Hope it doesn’t create rattles etc when they refit the leather panels.
  13. Thanks Malcolm. Please let us know if it cures the issue and how big a job it is. presumably you are getting whatever the latest version is. AJ
  14. Not sure you can do that on the LC. Seems like a problem Lexus should have issued an update for.
  15. Thanks for the update. Mine usually springs just enough to pull it open with my finger and then again,sometimes it opens properly.Really odd. As I said before,an owner on another forum stated his dealer was going to replace the whole assembly but he was waiting until his next service.I think the entire unit unbolts,including the hinge and solenoid plunger in one unit.Really strange that yours should last 2 years before causing trouble.When mine got stuck completely ,I wedged a credit card in the gap around the flap and then went around to operate the switch.Be interesting to hear what your dealer says before I approach either my nearest dealer or the supplying one.