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  1. Can anyone confirm if the battery in the boot of the LC500 V8 is an AGM. My dealer advises that it is. I want to connect my Ctek charger as the car is getting little use at present for obvious reason. Thanks, A J.
  2. Kevin,Lets hope your car is being built now and then its the transport which may not be delayed by the virus. I have no time for the comments continually made by the person you referred to.Constant moaning about a car he doesnt own .No one is forcing him to get one.I think the technical term is trolling.
  3. Kevin, With your interest in Lexus Scotland,have you noticed on their Facebook page that they are awaiting a LC500 convertible demo in July.Its Sonic Silver with red leather apparently. Hopefully,yours will be delivered well before then. A J.
  4. Great car Steve. Looks like mine,minus a roof! A J.
  5. Maybe door mirror caps? Not sure if black grille comes with Pro Pack. We got 18% off my last M4 and nearly 30% off this 140i as they were being pushed hard. I will approach Tony . Several dealers have said the same so far ,even on basic cars they have in stock .Maybe the uncertainty of Brexit will lift and with lockdown they will look to be more aggresive. A J.
  6. @V8ORBUST Floor mats. I am told anything over 11% was only achievable when first lockdown ended and BMW were giving the dealers an extra margin to shift stock.Stock is very thin at the moment.I dont accept these figures but need to find another car to actually haggle over. Our 140 has proven even more popular since it stopped production and so far the bids on it are pretty good. As this is our second car I must stay below the £40 k and that means a pretty basic spec.Thats OK as its very good anyway. We are used to the brilliant i drive but I have no complaints over my LC syst
  7. V8orbust. Lovely new M135i. Assume thats Misano Blue. Not sure from pics which wheels you have.If they are 18s did you get Adaptive suspension? We are currently in negotiation for a stock M135 but lockdown has obviously affected things.Dealers are telling me they can all do Click and Collect . My wifes M140 is 3 in March but we were hoping to get sorted this month. So far the discounts we are discussing are not to my liking. Noticed your very subtle security enhancement! A J.
  8. Hi Kevin, Hope you are keeping well. Yes,this lockdown does mean regular visits to the forum to see whats happening.So frustrating as I would normally be using my LC at least 4 times per week,often to just go for a drive.At best,it will go to the shops just to keep it charged etc. I study the dealer sites for sales and last summer saw a good turnover of these cars following a pretty stagnant period.Some of the new owners,like yourself,came onto the forum and its good to exchange experiences. For my part,this is the nicest car I have owned out of all my Porsche,BMW and Jag e
  9. Strange comment above about perceived wealth of any LC owner. Of the 3 RCF on the Lexus used website,the cheapest is £53k for which you can get a main dealer used LC. On the reliability issues.I am aware of sticking fuel flap and replacement fuel pump(which also affected many other Lexus models). AJ.
  10. Excellent value at £1095 for 2 years. For reasons nobody has been able to give me,the 2 year figure for the LC500 is somewhere around £2400. My dealer said they could not understand it either. AJ.
  11. Kevin, Great picture. Are you sure the one on the right is road legal? A J.
  12. Thats what I was thinking as well. Constant criticising.If you dont like it,buy something you do. A J.
  13. Thankfully not everybody is worried about lack of Car Play and just want a fantastic car . A J.
  14. Very interesting review. I have one of these on my shortlist but I am concerned that the likely mpg return justifies moving to a hybrid.Our 3 litre ,6 cylinder petrol BMW 140i has always returned between 37 and 45 mpg and clearly the performance will be very different to the UX250. I am not bothered about the reduced performance but need to show a meaningful improvement in mpg to justify such a move. Ideally I need to have a 2 day demo but that may not be possible in the present circumstances. Anyway,glad you are enjoying the Lexus. A J.
  15. Kevin, I think Porsche offer upto 15 years and 125k miles.Their servicing is much more costly and has to be kept up to date by official dealers with strict conditions regarding parts etc,eg batteries,brakes and even wiper blades! I hope to extend my warranty in a years time although I just cannot understand why Lexus will not offer the same very good deal as applies to most of the range. A J.
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