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  1. Mike, Is your car a 2019 registration as per your detail as it will still be under the original factory warranty and Relax will not apply.Strange that the App you show refers to Relax next to your repair. A J.
  2. Thats a very interesting one Martin and great that the dealer found it. You got me straining my ears for that yesterday but thankfully I couldnt detect it so went back to listening to the new Byson Family album through the Mark Levinson! A J.
  3. Update on my situation. I didnt receive any documentation so contacted Lexus Customer Service.They were very helpful and immediately confirmed that they had details of my recent service but would investigate why I had not had an e mail.The guy called back the same day to say they had a system issue relating to my change of registration number (2years ago).Whilst they cannot retrospectively issue the standard e mail he said his e mail to me would confirm that Lexus have my car registered for Relax and that any dealer will instantly see this if a claim needed to be made.He apologised and to my surprise referred to all the Toyota and Lexus cars I have owned right back to my 2.8 Supra in the 1980s.I didnt know Toyota kept such records. On Johns post above,I think he is appearing somewhat negative.Agreed,until a claims trail is established nobody knows how Toyota will assess each situation but rightly or wrongly I believe Toyota do not want to tarnish an excellent history of warranty response .They have removed the extra 2 years factory warranty on new Toyota cars I accept but no manufacturers cover wear and tear .Of course,Lexus never got the 5 year warranty!All of my Porsche cars had the official extended warranty at huge cost but they are incredibly strict and charge to check everything before agreeing to cover or deal with a claim,even down to oem battery and tyres etc. Agreed,any members having claims experience ,good or bad,should report back. A J.
  4. Thankyou for that info.When mine arrives I too will print it for the cars history file. A J.
  5. Thanks for the replies.I will give it a few more days and then contact Lexus Customer Service if necessary.The dealer was confident I would receive a document as there is no other reference on their service receipt and Health Check. A J.
  6. My LC is coming up 3 years old and I had it serviced at the main dealer a couple of weeks ago.They told me I would receive my 1 Year Relax Warranty document direct from Lexus. Could someone confirm what document you get and how long it took to arrive. Many thanks. A J.
  7. I have said many times how efficient the V8 can be if treated with respect but without needing to dawdle around. My best is 40 mpg over a route to Essex I use very frequently which totals 315 miles of very mixed roads. I have never used Eco mode. A J.
  8. Hedge End seems to be a popular place for LC500s.I noticed that the Lexus dealer has had a fair few used ones recently and has 2 now.Dont know if they are actively trade buying or these are existing customer part exchanges. Only one I have seen recently is the black V8 at Lincoln,sat in their showroom. A J.
  9. Not for me. Was in my Lexus dealer today getting a service and they have a standard Black LC in the showroom.Several people came up to me and said how much better the car stands out in my colour of metallic white. Those pics probably dont do the new black one justice. A J.
  10. I was told by two Lexus dealers that the fuel flap issue was not a recall but that a slightly amended mechanism was available if the owner wanted it fitted. In my case,it seems to be temperature related as mine has been good since early Spring and I spray the hinge with silicone occasionally.Apparently,the fix requires the removal of the rear seat and I had that done before when there was an official recall on the fuel pump.I dont want my trim disturbed more than necessary for obvious reasons.If the flap turns bad I will obviously have to get it done. A J.
  11. I have the physical book updated and didnt know you could check online. Prefer to have the book and copy of the Invoice etc. A J.
  12. Why would your insurer cite the value of your car as the reason for such a high premium. As far as I can see its used value is about the same as a mid range BMW,Audi etc. I wonder if their actual underwriters have so little insurance data on the rare LC that they have taken a negative view. As you say….Thanks and Goodnight! A J.
  13. That is amazing and worrying if a main dealer. A J.
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