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  1. Thanks both for replying. Going to book it in to the garage to get the level checked. Will update how I get on.
  2. Hi All. I'm a newbie here so apologies if this is a common question. I've recently bought a used Lexus IS250 2006 Auto. It's running great apart from an error that came up the other week, I get the VSC, stability symbol (car with skid marks icon) and the check engine light comes on. Using an error scanner it said that it was my torque convertor, solenoid stuck on - error. The car has done 140k miles and it has a full Lexus history but it's never had anything done to the gearbox from what I can see. Anyone else had this issue? I've been reading up and many people say to do an oil change on the gearbox. Any help appreciated. I'm tempted to get the gearbox serviced, but would like recommendations on any Auto transmission specialists near Kent (the Dartford or surrounding areas.) Thanks
  3. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!