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  1. They are the oem Denso 90919 02236 ones but I don’t know how long they have been in the car. I’ll change them and Keep an eye on them.
  2. Well this happened to the coil packs that were already in it when I bought it, after I put in the new ecu to cure the no sparking. do you reckon it was just a fault in the coil pack itself? There’s no obvious wires touching or shorts when I test the wires
  3. This happened while driving so we could smell petrol inside the car for a few seconds first then the burning rubber smell. Ive attaches pictures of the coil pack.
  4. Hi folks quick update, so I got a new second hand ecu that cured the problem for about an hour then she started running on 3 cylinders again turns out the wire into one of the ecu plugs needed changed so fixed that and she ran fine all evening no misfires at all. Later on tonight she started running really lumpy, got a while strong smell of petrol then a melting rubber smell. Looked under the cover and the coil pack for cylinder 3 is completely melted. Anyone have any ideas or come across a similar problem before?
  5. Yeah it was running fine when I bought it and then I hadn’t drove it from before Christmas, had it out one day at the start of the month and this happened. ive measured the resistance for the signal wire pins on the ecu back to the ecu earth and the pin for cylinder 3 was showing a higher resistance than the other 3 pins, so it has to be the ecu. Guy round here repairs them, so hopefully that will do the trick
  6. With the coil pack connected. Yeah I know I just can’t get my hands on an oscilloscope.
  7. The join just seems to have a lot of solder on it, where someone has joined the break in the original factory signal wire. Forgot to mention in the post I tried a jumper wire from the signal pin in the ecu to the signal pin in the coil pac plug and it didn’t make a difference
  8. 1999 Altezza BEAMS No spark at cylinder 3 No engine management light on the dash Swapped coil packs from different cylinders and still no spark, changed all four spark plugs still no spark Pin 1 is getting a 12v feed, pin 2 getting 5v feed as should be, pin 4 earth all ok and pin 3 signal wire is reading the same as the rest of the signal wires on the other coil packs. The signal wire was joined previously by someone else near the ecu. No other breaks in the wire, but when you earth the spark plug there is still no spark visible even though all pins are reading as they should. Compression tested all cylinders - all are ok. all injectors tested including the plugs and all is ok there. Any suggestions apart from an ecu fault? Thanks
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