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  1. DLX

    Damaged Windscreen

    A £100 excess applies to claims for replacement, and £25 for glass repair. If the work is carried out by our approved repairer, the excess is reduced to £75 for glass replacement and £15 for glass repair. If our approved repairer is not used the maximum payable under this section is £150 after deducting excesses.
  2. Just a warning if you have a damaged windscreen on your ES300 that needs replacing.. Got a cracked windscreen a month ago. Got full windscreen cover but the insurance company will only pay (minus excess) if I use their approved repairer. They will contribute £150 after excess payment if use someone other than their approved. Lexus dealer quote is £900 and they could do it in 2 days. I was put onto Nationwide Windscreens first but after conversation they realised they couldn't do it because they didn't have the software to realign the cameras for lane tracking etc.. Then insurance put me onto Autoglass. Took them nearly 3 weeks to get the glass then they realised they would probably need some strips(?). Been a further 10 days now and still waiting to hear from them and I assume it will now be a long wait (understandably now)). Lesson; read the insurance small print! Though I do suspect that most policies will be like this. You might want to double check yours! Oh and by the way Autoglass do the fitting in a supermarket car park (!) and it takes 3 hours.
  3. DLX


    Absolutely agree with the "trigger happy" comment - yes manhole covers especially! Previous car was RWD so maybe I have forgotten the character(!) of FWD.
  4. DLX


    What tyres are on your es300h? Any good? I have Dunlop maxx 050 18"(235/45R18) on mine and think they have very poor grip in damp and wet conditions especially under acceleration (light!). Have 10k miles on them and they look to have a lot of life left but I'm seriously considering replacing them. Any recommendations?
  5. Steve

    Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!