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  1. Some more photos of my SC430. Current mileage, low for the year at 68,802. Will be available to buy once lockdown ends.
  2. Hi Eddie - I've messaged you. I might be looking to sell my SC430 once we are out of lockdown. It's a 2003 model with only 68k on the clock - lovely car - second one I've owned.
  3. Hi all - My 2003 SC430 ECM light came on - I used my OBD scanner to check and it's coded P0155. This is a heated oxygen sensor (HO2S) 1, bank 2, heater control circuit malfunction. I barely do around 1k miles a year in the car, it's just passed it's MOT and will be pretty much unused through the winter though I will take it out for a spin every couple of weeks. I'm thinking I don't need to do anything for now but was wondering is it worth using the OBD to clear the fault code to see if comes back or should I leave it as it is and then get the car checked out / fixed in the Spring? How muc
  4. Familiar topic I know - just after some updated advice. Having just replaced a Halfords battery which lasted a year (my SC430 is driven intermittently and not during the winter) - the battery drain problem etc etc - I've just fitted a new Yuasa YBX5096 12V 80Ah 740A Silver High Performance Battery which I got a great deal on from Tanya (good customer service as well) - to avoid a repeat, when the car is not being used (it's in a garage so solar charger no good) is it better to connect to a trickle charger which means having the bonnet open and not being able to fully cover the car or simply d
  5. very helpful guys - thank you very much - I think I'll go ahead and unplug the system
  6. Hi all, After a gap of 10 years, I'm on my second SC430 - a 2003 model. I bought it with after-market alloys and the TPMS warning light was lit up - a solid yellow light - which I can live with - I've seen the video on YouTube to simply disengage the system but I didn't bother as it just got noted as an advisory (the only one) when the car passed its MOT. I had the car garaged through winter during which time the battery went flat - recharged the battery - start the car and now the TMPS warning light flashes and beeps every couple of minutes which is annoying - so now I'm thinking maybe
  7. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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