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  1. Thanks Robert a hobby really but I spend more time on photography then I do in my job :)
  2. Not posted here for a long time, still have my SC430 must be 10 years now lol. A few recent pics I took the other week, still as nice as the first day I got her :)
  3. Hi Shaun coilovers are fully adjustable so you have height up and down and dampers for soft and firm. So you can set them up exactly how you like best. Personally I prefer to be lower as your also changing the centre of gravity but you can have them at stock height if you want as well. TBH I dont think anyone makes sport coilovers for the SC430 so your not going to get a trackday suspension setup. My Teins where the CS comfort ones and im pretty sure the Meister R ones are setup for comfort, but have a word with Jerrick first. Yes, the anti-roll bars on these cars are very thin. Alot of the sc430 owners on the American forums swear by upgrading the anti-roll bars. Even saying its a better option to do then changing to coilovers (if you can only do one or the other). Only problem is they are not so easy to get now.
  4. Well it will be more to get coilovers but they will be like night and day. Just getting the OEM fix would be like throwing money away IMO. I got the Tein coilovers which where about £1200, but there are alot of cheaper priced options now. I would suggest the Meister R ones. Speak to Jerrick on here thats his company. The sway bars are harder to come by now as my Daizen ones are no longer made, I would try contacting them to see if they can help.
  5. Mine was 6 months old when I bought it so I doubt it ever had the mods done as mine is a late 2001. But then I had Tein coliovers and Daizen sway bars fitted. If you have to pay to do those early mods would probs be best to do what I did instead.
  6. I hope you dont have the run flats still.
  7. Might also want to consider a Parrot if you use bluetooth as they have ipod/iphone input plus usb
  8. All sorted mate, your mechanic was glad to see me. Give us all the details when she's up and running.
  9. I was in the area today Jerrick but they where closed. What gains are you making from the stroker and cams? Let me know what she drives like. Might go down early next week and get a quote myself. Is your wifes car in the shop, could not see it in the yard.
  10. If you fit the luxlink which I have you can open/close the roof and remote start the car with the OEM key. No other key or gadget required works of the normal key. The cool trick you can do is walk away from the car and it will close the roof with the radio playing then shutdown and lock the car. Gets a few looks :)
  11. Never heard of that fault. Cant think of it being key related. Both keys are the same and then you also have a valet key which does not open the boot and glove box. May be worth asking on alot more US SC430 owners.
  12. By far the cheapest car Ive owned in terms of maintenance. Had one 02 sensor in 8-9 years. I know I dont use it much but same with all my cars and my Range Rover cost me a fortune to keep on the road with little miles.
  13. NP, post some pics mate
  14. Ive seen a few for sale in the past, they have them on might find them on but not much of a market. Never had a problem with wind myself :) Other cars Ive owned in the past have been far worse. Did have a windbreak on my BMW but looked very girly.
  15. Hi mate no the OEM wheels are not staggered, same front and back.

  16. Sorry I dont play golf, as long as your golf sticks are no bigger then my ex wife you should get them in no problem.
  17. To get the lense off you need to pop the whole thing in the oven to heat the sealant up enough to pry the lense of and then reheat it to put back.
  18. Theres no radio code so you can disconnect the battery no problem. Probs a good idea to disconnect the battery for half hour to reset your ecu so it learns your driving style as well.
  19. Yep your due on age. 8 years in UK, for some reason its 6 years in US. Not sure if anything else is required ie waterpump etc. Maybe ask on the LS forum, as more LS430 here then SC's.
  20. That pic is a photoshop, but can supply most kits.
  21. You need help because your loving it too much :) welcome and post some pics.
  22. Not familiar with bimmernav. What does it offer that you cant do with a simple Parrot install in an SC430?
  23. Sorry forgot the webpage
  24. Artisian make a kit should think its well expensive though
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