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  1. It is called CVT and it is a continuously variable transmission but it is in fact a planetary gear system, I must admit when I started looking for a Lexus and I saw CVT I was immediately reminded of the old DAF system which if I remember right was a couple of cones with a belt, Completely different to Lexus. CVT does reflect the output correctly though, it’s either one gear or if you like an infinite number of gears. The number of moving parts though is very small compared to a conventional box so by default should be more reliable
  2. Hi Anthony there is an aftermarket NAVRIDER 10.25" touch screen that some peeps have fitted here on the forum. It's from ali express thanks👍
  3. Thanks for the replies, it seems there is not a cheap straightforward way but at least I know now
  4. Hi everyone, a question, I have a 2017 Advance with standard nav, rear parking camera, now although my car has the 10.25” screen I don’t use it all as I don’t have premium infotainment, can it be retrospectively upgraded to premium thereby utilising the entire screen?
  5. Thinking of doing the 10.25" screen upgrade hi, what do you mean by the screen upgrade?
  6. The facelift ones do have fog lamps, just not separate.
  7. I have owned my IS300h since January, my first Lexus. I have noticed a lot of topics referencing the 12v battery, is it a weak spot with Lexus? In the past I have left a BMW at Heathrow for nearly 4 weeks in winter, fully alarmed, and had no problem starting it on my return. Looking at some of the posts on this forum doing that with my Lexus would seem to be impossible, if so that would be disappointing.
  8. I have a Samsung S9 but have given up with mirror link, had the car since January, it rarely works, on two occasions after using mirror link, I have had to power my phone off to get it working again. I have bought a car charger for the 12v socket and just use blue tooth
  9. Regarding the speed camera beeps, I have found you can turn them off/on by turning voice off in the set up menu, I don’t like voice directions when using the sat nav so turned off the voice option in general settings, this switched speed camera alert beeps off. Turned it back on and the beeps returned
  10. I had a 57 reg avensis with the 2.2 diesel ( the T180 version) after about 4 years of faultless use it went into limp mode, took it to Toyota and I had a new (rebuilt) engine fitted even though it was outside the three year warranty. The reason they did it was because they said there was a design fault in that engine, I seem to remember it was related to the piston crown design and one other issue. 59 plate Lexus probably has the same engine design problem, they did say it wasn’t a given that it would fail but some would
  11. I fully agree with that, I did nearly 50000 miles in the BMW and the straight six engine is simply fantastic, however the ride was very hard, anyone in the passenger seat didn’t find it comfortable including myself. I have done that now though, I now want comfort, economy and reliability, the first two points have already been met so fingers crossed for the third as I expect to keep this car for a long time, still a bit disappointed with mirror link though. still not sure about these so called indicator things though, I mean I covered nearly 50000 miles without them in the BMW, i take it Lexus don’t live permanently in the outside lane?
  12. Where are these indicators you talk about?
  13. Hello all, new owner of a 2017 Advance in sonic titanium with only 7000 miles on it coming from a BMW435i, first impressions are Good build quality, the ride is sublime (coming from a BMW with run flat tyres and 19 inch wheels it was always going to be better), economy which seems to average around 50mpg ( fuel economy was one of my reasons for changing), the comfort of the seats as well as the quiet ride, lots of useful safety and comfort features and the dealer was very good not so good the infotainment, I did have professional media in the BMW, I wasn’t looking for something better but mirror link is completely hit or miss, not having sat nav duplicating on the speedo is a bit annoying, the sound system isn’t what I would expect from a premium brand either, things like the kick plates on the sills could be a better quality as well, the service intervals only being 10000 miles. overall very pleased up to now and the rarity of them ( compared to the German three) is another positive.
  14. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!