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  1. Hi all A friend in america has the UX and said its a great car like everyone on here but he did mention that it has this annoying feature were to alert pedestrians that the car is approaching it makes this weird sonar \ spaceship noise. He said you cant hear it in the car but you can hear it outside of the car. He said it annoys his neighbours. I cant find anything on this noise at all. Is it really that loud that it can annoy the neighbours? Does anyone know what this noise is as i cant find anything on it here in the UK.
  2. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  3. Hi My sister is considering the UX , she has test driven the car and likes it. She wanted to hear from owners on there thoughts of there UX. She is a single parent she has one son ( hes 5) and she wont be having anymore kids. She has no dogs to worry about. Its just her and her son. Most of the time its just her in the car as she works nights. Shes a childrens nurse. I often pick my nephew up and drop him off to school. She said the car is the perfect size for her. She wants to know the following. 1) do you find the seats comfortable? 2) is it quite like most lexus cars? I told her this can also depend on tyres 3) is there anything she should be aware of. And are you overall happy with your UX or do you regret getting it?