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  1. I was talking to a salesman in a Lexus Centre and he was adamant that there will not be a new NX. Might be some powertrain revisions, that’s all according to him.
  2. I watched and understood it. I made the comment following you making judgements against people. If someone wants to flush money down the toilet it’s up to them not some half wit who wants to die rich.
  3. Honestly, just buy a USB one off Amazon. It’ll save you a small fortune and do the same job.
  4. And what does that mean? The question regards calling people mugs. I know that net emissions make electric cars less viable than expected. I don’t have one.
  5. It's taken me a while to find my info but this is from the Lexus Workshop Manual......
  6. I’ve scrolled through the centre display and can’t find it. Can you be more specific.
  7. I’ve trawled the manual and pressed every button in sight but can’t see anything to view the TPMS. Youtube shows the pressures indicated on yankee models but do ours have anything? 2020 Takumi.
  8. There are two catches. The second is the manual one that stops you lifting the bonnet after you normally pull the release lever. The first is the one that you release with the lever and it is quite making it to that catch. You can adjust it although you need to work out what is going on. Has it ever had any bodywork done because that might be it but there are usually two adjustable bumpers that it closes to and they might be screwed too far out. You check by looking at the alignment with the wings. You really must sort it out before driving because apart from giving you a near heart attack if it flies up in motion, you won’t be able to see.
  9. The power split device has nothing to do with starting the car. Motor Generator 1 does it.
  10. In the fuse box under the bonnet. Use the jump start terminals.
  11. I’ve never heard of locksmiths selling car key fobs but you never know. Ask a dealer how much a blank fob is as it’s the programming that costs all the money. You can readily buy them off eBay but it will need programming. This used to be dealer only but if you buy an Autel AP200 for about £50 you can do it yourself. No guarantees on this, if you’ve misplaced the second key it will be much cheaper to just keep looking!!!
  12. I’ve never found a solar charger that works. Maybe it would parked outside in Spain but not in England and certainly not if parked in a garage. You can use a CTEK battery charger and leave it permanently connected. After charging it will go into a maintenance mode where it will cycle the voltage to keep it healthy.
  13. I never used to be a fan of wipes - you can get them for glass etc. I tried these wipes because I got them cheap in the USA. The beauty of them is how well they clean. My Mazda has white seats which really show the dirt and it brings it right off with no effort. The condoning residue is very thin so doesn’t leave a greasy mess. Trust me I’ve got several different types of leather conditioner but these wipes beat them all. They do not work on the very soft dull nappa leather.