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  1. Maybe he knows why it wants re-gassing. Dan, you can usually negotiate with them over this kind of thing. It’s done by weight so there might not be a standard charge.
  2. I’ve seen it around. I think that colour combination on an F Sport would look sensational.
  3. I’m not into souping up cars but I would ask your question on the US version of this forum where they’ve done every conceivable mod. You might find the odd chav that’s lowered the standard of the brand 😉 on these shores but just keep in mind that if you go bigger in rolling radius you need to go bigger in brake diameter or you will lower the braking capability.
  4. I don’t find cleaning leather seats difficult without buying a Lexus branded third party produced product at an over inflated price.
  5. Mines got sequential indicators and I don’t care if they do the river dance or plain on and off. When I’m driving the car I can’t see the bggrs and I certainly can’t get excited about what other people see. I’m not sure what a professional driver is and how they differ from a regular driver but the so called professional taxi drivers in Manchester don’t even use indicators so they’ll manage quite nicely with any of the modern brands of cars. But then again things obviously aren’t so treacherous in Manchester that the indicators must be “immediately obvious”. London sounds tricky for a none professional so I think I’ll steer clear with my substantially delayed sequential confusing indicators.
  6. White leather is much easier to keep clean than black leather. Avoid gels as they can clog the perforations. The best method is a regular wipe over with a leather cleaning wipe. The best ones are Meguires but they are very hard to come by unless you go to the US but these Armorall ones work fine. I use two at once every couple of weeks. They also treat the leather at the same time.
  7. I think it was to get it in the wiper path but can’t remember now 😳
  8. Have another RX Dan rather than throw your life away 😉
  9. This is the cable I used for the camera. If you don’t have DAB, use the supplied cable as it won’t interfere with FM radio.
  10. There are three fuse boxes, one in each side of the engine bay and another well hidden under the glove box. I took the glove box out to help you see it. Its under that creamy coloured junction bow down to the bottom left; To get at it you have to do your Tunnel King impersonation. There are two squeeze clips on the lower panel; The panel has a light in it but it just lies on the floor OK. Now if you look up under the far left corner you will see it; However, unless you leave the lid off, you’ll never get a piggy back connector in there because the lid is a tight (close) fit. For future reference, here is the fuse plan; Its up to you but all I did was to make my way from the camera; Down the A pillar trim and across the centre console. That leather trim is tight but it just pulls off; .....and used the power socket which in reality I will never use for anything else. I just cut a tiny slot for the wire; It is ignition (accessory) fed so it does go off when the car is powered down. Hints; Use a good quality screened lead and only the adapter that came with your camera or the DAB radio won’t work properly. When you go down the A pillar, YOU MUST GO OVER THE AIRBAG AND NOT UNDER IT. This is because the wire will get tangled if the airbag deploys in an accident and either stop it working properly or strangling the poor person in the passenger seat. If you want me to show you how to do that, let me know. REAR CAMERA For the rear, I did nearly the same. Again, I will never use the plug and if I did need it, doublers are easy to come by. I went around the door seal and came out near the plug; I came out under the headliner to the umbilical. Use the same one I did because it stays away from the DAB wire which will reduce the risk of a field stopping it working; The another tiny notch in the upper trim; HINT; Use a top quality shielded cable and only the supplied adapter to avoid DAB radio problems. To get the cable through the umbilical, sen a stiff piece of wire like an old coat hanger through and tape the socket firmly to it. Lubricate the wire with some soapy water and feed it through.
  11. This is the new charging plate;
  12. I’m not sure my 2020 model is the same as earlier models because I’ve got CarPlay so it kind of makes the big charge mat redundant. It gets in the way if anything. I’d just hunt for a suitable location for the charge mat and then hide the wire as much as possible. I can have the whole dash out in minutes so hiding wires behind trim doesn’t phase me. If you want to kick the power output, don’t use a USB port, use a 12v USB adapter in a accessory socket. There are loads of them with 2.1 amp or higher and in fact many dashcams come with a dual output USB adapter.
  13. As an ex mechanic (once trained you’re always a mechanic but I don’t do it for a living!) Volvo are notoriously unreliable. I love the XC40 but I’m not sure I’d like to own one long term. None of us have mentioned the biggest skeleton in the cupboard - Land Rover/Range Rover. Gorgeous to look at but a downright liability. The prospect of one of those on my drive gives me the creeps.