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  1. I negotiated a set of mudflaps and fitted them myself. Whether someone likes them isn’t really relevant, they prevent a huge amount of dirt and debris from flying up the side of the curved underbody. A lot depends on how fussy you are. Mine gets washed at least once, often twice a week partly because I like it clean and partly to protect the investment. Some people see cars as a tool to get from a to b although they could run a beat up Focus if that is their priority and save 40k. There’s one idiot on here who runs a Lexus (see the irony in that) claims washing a car is an affront to third world countries. if you car about keeping your Lexus clean, then fit them, they will help a lot. The NX has got a lot of “stealth” type angles going on and I don’t think it detracts from the looks. The haunches on the back door collect a lot of tar which after 4000 miles was removed the other day. It really makes the paint colour pop.
  2. When you’ve done trying to make owners feel guilty about washing their cars in one of the wettest countries in the world, you run a Lexus in one of the richest countries in the world so maybe you should think about that rather than being a hypocrite. I don’t know how you sleep at night. Or maybe it makes you feel better about running an unkempt tip on wheels.
  3. The paint on some Japanese cars can be troublesome but if this Lexus of mine is typical of the other colours then nobody should worry about it.
  4. This NX is the worst car I’ve had for gathering dirt inside the door shuts; A quick pressure wash and AutoGlym synthetic leather brings it back to presentable and avoids dirty clothes. Don’t forget that fuel door either!
  5. Keep watching Blackcircles. They do a promotion now and again better than the usual buy 4 and get £40 off.
  6. They are excellent. Very quiet and the A rating for wet performance came into its own coming home from the Cotswolds a couple of weeks ago. It absolutely came down in stair rods and driving in standing water on the motorway was extraordinary. No pulling on the steering wheel in deep puddles. Of course I’ve yet to try snow. ive still got the 4 nearly new Yokohama Blue Earths. If they don’t sell, they can go back on in 18 months when I trade the NX.
  7. I kept fiddling and it worked. It connected as soon as I got in the car today. I did have two preferred networks but I just deleted all but one.
  8. On your iPhone, make sure “allow others to join” is switched on in hotspot. connect your wifi hotspot. in the settings menu on the car, go to phone then scroll down the left to wifi then detailed settings now select auto connect to preferred networks. mine connects as soon as I switch the ignition on.
  9. I believe you do it on the phone, not the car. I’ll check later.
  10. ....and hopefully a command knob. I’m really hopeful they”ll bring the infotainment system up to date with the next model.
  11. It’s 40mph on my NX which is dangerously too fast. There are times on some roads where I can’t see so I end up fumbling with a switch. I wish I could reset to 25mph or even less. I also don’t like the cruise control having 5mph increments but that’s another story.
  12. Its a Takumi Paul. Take no notice of the reg 😉
  13. Four tyres from my NX. I work nights and I’m up in the hills near Buxton so I’ve gone for all season tyres. I’ve removed the for original Yokohama Blue Earth E51s. They’ve done 2600 miles from new so they’re all 6-7mm and they’ve never been anywhere near a curb. The date codes are all weeks 50 and 51 2019 so nice and recent. I think £250 is a reasonable price as the cheapest I can find them new is £460 on black circles. I’m at Chapel-en-le-Frith which is about half way between Manchester and Sheffield. Collection only.