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  1. The red really does look great when it's polished nicely it's got a real blood red to it.
  2. Perfect thanks a million. 60 quid a lot less than I expected
  3. I've noticed that the chrome around the grille on my 2014 Fsport is starting to lift. Do any of you know the part number or know anywhere that sells them or even what it's called?
  4. Hey all, Do any of you know how to chs ge the sat Nov guidance on a 2014 from miles to km. The odometer is in km but the distance and speed limits are in miles
  5. Phew I dont want to get caught dropping the other half off somewhere driving off and end up getting stuck half and hour away at a B&Q or something.
  6. Hey all I just bought a 2014 IS300h and I wanted to as this question here as I assume its a standardised Lexus setup that car specific. Let's say I/ someone drove off with but the keys were left at the point of starting the drive what happens? Does the car turn off after a period of time, will it run until the driver turns the car off itself, or does it turn off after a period of time? Thanks.
  7. AHH, guess from a 2014 car it would have been unfair to expect something like remote windscreen defrost although those battery heavy features are more for PHEV's
  8. Is there anywhere where I can look up the features that are available with the Mobile pairing
  9. Hey looking at two different 2014 fsports at the moment and one has the little mouse style nav control and the other has the knob. I assume these are a different package? Can you tell me the features one has over the other
  10. Thanks a million. Anywhere I looked the content seems to be removed so really appreciate it.
  11. Hey all, I'm on the lookout for an is300h and looking to be able to identify models by visual cues obviously in most cases the front grill tells you it's an Fsport but what about an IS premier etc. I can't seem to find anything that has a list of the optional extras of standard extras as I'm trying to pick up a model with reversing camera as my wife has only ever had a hatchback. I noticed the splitter on this one and was wondering was this standard or aftermarket.
  12. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!