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  1. hi, whats the opinion now of the meet going ahead due to you know what ?????
  2. hi, the plot thickens and i take on board all of your comments. the car burns no oil whatsoever and stays clean throught and no rear smoke at any stages of driving, i shall be asking for explicit confirmation of the problem, thanks.
  3. many thanks guys, i,m still very sceptical about these results, a cat clean last year solved it but now the lights are back on, i,d be very anoyed if its just an oxygen sensor so i,m going to push the garage for better info. sensors seem to go a lot , ive just had one go on my sc430. cheers
  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  5. hi, my wife has a 2001 rx300se, from new, 90k, mint and has never gone wrong, so attached to it she wont get rid of it. mot says exhaust has failed emissions and will need complete exhaust system including cats. i know it wont be cheap but cheaper than buying a new car. not worried about stainless anybody got any ideas on a good supplier , many thanks jr.