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  1. Hi - thanks for the message. Yes, I can hear the pump running when priming, and get a nice little puddle of diesel too. I have just ordered a cable and will download TechStream and see what comes up on that, since there are no codes. Is it that I would need to code the injectors in, even if they are the original ones, but in different ports now?
  2. Hi - I had one of the injectors blowing back, so decided to take them all out and replace all seals. All was OK, a few little issues along the way - ended up needing new rubber seals, as there was not enough pressure as two failed on rebuilding - the car would start but not run. I've since put all the injectors back in with new copper and rubber seals, checked all connectors, pipes, everything. No codes, no leaks (that I can see or smell) but the car won't start. I'm getting around 7-9,000 psi on the rail, so looks like the pump and HP pump are working, I've primed three times, checked that is fuel at each injector but still no starting. The car is connected to a battery charger now, but the battery is 5 weeks old and it's cranking like mad but feels like a one cylinder engine as it 'chugs' when cranking but no fuel seems to be getting to the engine. All new glow plugs too....any help is very much appreciated.
  3. Well. I like what I do, not necessarily the location, but the IS is a nice little car to trundle up and down the M1 in. When I got it, it wouldn’t go over 32mpg, last drive was 41 but then I noticed the blow back from i3 so stripped it all out. Today the rocker cover has come off, injector seals replaced, new gaskets etc. then rocker cover back and it will all be back together tonight/tomorrow when I have some time. The fuel filter was a cow of a job, but a bit of YouTubing and an hour of shouting at it, it was done. Then I had to get creative to remove the oil filter but so far, so good.
  4. Thanks. My 180 mile a day commute negates a petrol car usually because of poor MPG
  5. Hi everyone, I’m Andrew, not as young as I’d like to be but not too old either. I live on my farm in Warwickshire and am surrounded by animals including pigs, sheep, cattle, chickens and dogs. i have two kids and a man cave! last month my Audi A8 toasted its air suspension compressor so I found myself a ‘57 plate IS220D for good money. But... it drives like a bag of plops, flat as anything until about 1,600 revs and can’t seem to get anything more than 40mpg. this weekend I took off the fuel filter, clogged and filthy, the air filter, clogged and filthy, oil filter, clogged and filthy, cabin air filter was probably the original.....then took off the EGR and flow pipe, then removed all 4 injectors and ground out the old seals. Now I have to put the new seals in, new rubber seals on the tops of the injectors, cleaned out the whole air intake and EGR, new air intake gasket and EGR gaskets, and I’ve already put in new oil, fuel and cabin air filters and a K&N air filter. Once this is all done, I’m going to flood the fuel system with injector cleaner (Archoil) after the injectors have been soaking in degreaser for at least 48 hours to break down any further gunge, then put it all back together and give it a blast. I have to say it is one of the easiest, most sensibly put together cars I’ve ever owned (apart from the fuel filter location). But, bought an injector puller /slide hammer set that advertised it could remove Denso injectors, but the adapter was 1mm too big so I asked a friend of mine to mill it down to 16mm and it worked a treat. Two out of four washers I’ve seen were damaged, one was fused completely and needed to be cut out and the last I haven’t even looked at yet. So anyone here who is struggling with their injector removal and have a slide hammer that fits these adapters, I have one that works!
  6. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!