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  1. Hi all, so tomorrow I am going to replace the cambelt on my 2001 is200. I do have some mechanical knowledge but this is my first cambelt. Just looking for any tips on this job as to how to ensure the timing is correct. I am told the cam pulley will have white Mark's that need to.line up and the crank will have a mark that needs to be aligned with 0 After its lined up it was suggested at manually rotating the crank all the way around to ensure the Mark's stay inline? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks for your reply, it's as soon as I start it then when it gets up to temp it will settle down a bit
  3. U got a 2000 is200se and just wondered if anyone has any ideas what could cause a high idle on these? Its ticking over just over 2000rpm and does sound a bit high to be honest Any info will be awesome
  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  5. Hi So I have a lexus is200 on a 2000 reg and i cant for the life of me find the iso harness to connect the oem wiring to my aftermarket stereo It's a toyota 81620 53041 unit and I was supplied the amp bypass lead but it's to thin and longer than the oem one Any help will be great Thanks