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  1. I have a video of this that may be useful to you 🙂 Good luck!
  2. If I have another sedan or coupe, I honestly wouldn't mind. But, for my only car, I want the sedan for sure. I'll just have to be patient and have faith that the right car will come along in time.
  3. There's only Sportscross models for sale at the moment 😟
  4. Shizukesa

    WANTED: IS300

    Not sure if 'wanted' posts are allowed here, if not then please remove 😁 Looking for a well looked after IS300, 2001-2004. I'm specifically looking for: Sedan model, not Sportscross. No rust issues. Black interior. Preferably under 100k miles. FSH. No modifications. I'd prefer it not to be silver but if everything else is good, this may not matter. TTE kit would be a massive bonus. Don't care about sat nav. Please let me know if you're looking to sell. I'm looking for a nice example that I can take care of myself. Tha
  5. Red: low oil pressure Yellow/Orange: low oil level Fill it up a little more and see if it goes away. It could be a false reading if the car is on a slope of some kind. Good luck!
  6. I think the general consensus seems to be... burn the clutch a little and it goes away. When I bought my IS200 last winter, I had the same issue. After burning the clutch a little, I haven't had a problem since! 😁
  7. Lexus all day, but I'm biased 😉 Either was, you can't really go wrong with either. They're both awesome cars! Good luck.
  8. Give this guy a shout: He's the main guy on the FB pages that everyone goes to for IS1 parts.
  9. Not as relaxed as you think 😄 I still can't fully be myself and I'm still very self-conscious on camera. It doesn't help when you have a dorky Liverpool accent either haha! Luckily it's not too strong! 🙄 Once I get my IS300 I will continue to create content including, suspension mods, wheels, turbo kit, manual swap etc. Perhaps you can give me some tips along the way since I'm looking to go the NA-T route. Your IS300 build looks amazing! Thanks for watching, I appreciate that. Paul P.S - I'm also planning a trip to Japan to film some drifting and other car stuff, but with e
  10. Everyone please ignore this information. I've had a decat manifold on my car and I felt absolutely no difference whatsoever. The IS200 is NOT a tuner friendly car. The IS300 with a turbo conversion and a standalone ECU however...
  11. Hi everyone! For those looking to do this mod, I just finished editing a video showing the process! I no longer have it installed for a few reasons: First of all, CEL 😞 Second of all, UNBELIEVABLY LOUD! But the main reason is that I'm no longer installing a SC, since I've decided to upgrade to an IS300 🙂 Enjoy! P.S - Feel free to drop a like and subscribe! 🙂
  12. Why are there so many spammers wanting to buy "any" Lexus?
  13. Hey guys! I got 2 advisories on my MOT and since I'll be selling the IS200 soon (to buy an IS300), I'd like to get these sorted. Advisories: Drive shaft joint constant velocity boot severely deteriorated Nearside Rear [6.1.7(g)(i)] Drive shaft joint constant velocity boot severely deteriorated Offside Rear [6.1.7(g)(i)] The issue is, it doesn't say outer or inner. Is my only option to jack it up and check? It was a few months ago now so the garage probably won't be able to tell me. Any advice please? Thanks! 😊
  14. Over the last year I must have researched the IS200 for hundreds of hours as well as the 2JZ platform, put 'em together and you get an IS300 😄 I understand that the US got the W55, but it's weaker than the A650E. Crest Motorsport do a manual conversion kit using the J160 box, so that's definitely an option down the line. I'll see what the auto is like first. I'll probably go NA-T before I swap the trans though 🙂 Since I've only driven my out manual IS200, I don't know what the IS300 auto box is like. I guess I'll find out and make a decision from there. I'm probably a month away
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