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  1. Having some exhaust issues and I'd appreciate some advice. O2S11 is jumping between 0-0.800 O2S12 is sat around 0.050 O2S21 is behaving like O2S11. Just installed a cat back last week and it was fine for a few days then all of a sudden a drop in power and a quieter sound. I’m unable to scan O2S21 but I can see it in the live data as previously stated. Oddly... there are no engine codes. Any ideas? Failed pre-cat? Thanks!
  2. Thanks! I've since realised it's quite normal for an IS200 to idle pretty low.
  3. It ran fine before but now the idle speed drops as low as 500rpm. Is it a tooth out? This is my fault of course but not entirely my fault... whoever did it last has painted two consecutive teeth on the crankshaft gear... I just must have chosen the wrong one 😕 Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. I've found two different ones, but what seems like the better one, is cheaper: AND Am I missing something?
  5. Ah crap, I guess I'll just go for some bulbs then. Osram Nightbreakers huh? I'll google them now and check them out. Thanks for the info and suggestions!
  6. Hi guys, Is it just plug and play with these kits? Was thinking about going with this... If this won't fit then perhaps just some brighter bulbs like these: Also found some LED ones: Do the HID or LED kits require much extra modification or fabrication? Lost on the subject to be honest, any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I'm thinking the Cobra Sport might be a good middle ground for me. Not overly loud, no rasp but not too quiet like the HKS Silent. I wonder if a HKS from a USA spec IS300 would fit?
  8. Just a nice sound and a little louder than stock. No rasp, a nice deep tone. I'm worried that the HKS Silent would be too quiet for my liking as I've heard others say it's no louder than stock. I don't know why there is no non-silent version of the HKS exhaust avialable in the UK. I'm afraid that the Japspeed would be too raspy and from the videos I've seen, the Blitz Nur sounds crap (I know you can't really judge well from videos). I'm still as undecided as I was when I first got it 2 weeks ago. Researching has only made the choice harder haha!
  9. Choose your weapon: HKS Silent Hi-Power Japspeed cat back Cobra Sport (resonated) Megan Racing Blitz Nur Other I'm looking for an exhaust for my IS200 and I'm looking for some input! Thanks!
  10. I was wondering what exhausts are common and sound good for the IS200? For me it's between: HKS Silent Hi-Power Cobra Cat Back (resonated or possibly non resonated) Any advice would be appreciated! 🙂 Thanks!
  11. Hi there! Just got my first Lexus, a 2004 IS200 SE with 82k on the clock! 🙂 After 2 weeks, all I can say is, wow! What a smooth engine! Fuel is ****, but other than that I love it. As for mods and maintenance, here's what I've got in store over the next few months: Timing belt, water pump, idlers and aux belts. New spark plugs K&N panel filter Maybe a new stater motor since I think the current one is on it's way out. Oil change with oil/fuel filter. HID light conversion. Exhaust (HKS Silent or Cobra) Sort out some bodywork issues (seen in the pictures). Wheel refurb. EBC brake lines, rotor and pads. BC or HSD coilovers Maaaaaaaybe a supercharger Lightweight flywheel (next time the clutch needs doing). Hopefully this will stop that DMF clutch judder in first gear. Here she is:
  12. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!