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  1. How about this scenario. Max crashes into Lewis and breaks both cars. Bottas stops at scene, jumps out of his car and gives it to Lewis who drives to finish in 10th place, thereby winning the championship.
  2. Charlie Whiting would have had none of it.
  3. Just asked my local Lexus indy friend for a ballpark labour cost to replace the set. Not inclined to go crawling under cars anymore myself. Don't actually NEED to replace the set but probably SHOULD. If you could show the actual part numbers for each item I would be grateful. Rears are same product code for either. Fronts I believe are different codes for N/S and O/S.
  4. Wheels are prone to being very flakey. My radiator started weeping at just over 10 years old, replacement needed. £500 total bill Hopefully the big 10 year service has just been done at Lexus. c£700 I really don't think you can buy any other large petrol V8 equivalent car with sub 6 second 0-60 that will return 37mpg.
  5. Milk in first ensures the brew is less than 100 degrees. Makes for better infusion of the tea. Too much heat stews the tea. This is the theory. Also people who don't read the preceding posts.......(me).
  6. Every manufacturer seems to have a "sweet spot" in terms of the absolute peak year of quality, before the bean counters got too involved. I wonder which production year Lexus was?
  7. but more research shows: The problem with going towards a lighter battery pack means that you have to switch from NiCad -> Lithium chemistry cells in order to obtain the same power in a smaller package. Lithium cells are more fragile, degrade on their own (even with proper maintenance) and have to be monitored a lot more carefully. They're not really ideal for a high-performance car like this. Youtube some Lithium battery'll be thankful that those aren't bolted to your trunk
  8. Get Bottas on pole. Lewis starts from the pit lane.
  9. I bet next season that 5 place penalty will be changed to a 10 place one.
  10. Give Lewis a fresh engine for each upcoming race. Only a five place grid penalty so easy to make up.
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