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  1. Also had gs450h since early this year. Averages about 36mpg mixed driving. I find I drive it to max the mpg now, knowing it can do the business if need be. Just wants to be driven lazily.
  2. Two weeks of wall to wall sunshine. Was 30 degrees yesterday. Weather forecast is for a week of wet stuff. Snow by the weekend. Not so smug now.
  3. I am also in a mountain village above Sion. Will be doing the Furka Pass for my glacier fix. Walked on ice today on my 6 hour hike above the treeline and could see the slightly rubbish Wildhorn Glacier.
  4. Highest flea market in Switzerland today. Getting a shudder on heavy braking. Disks?
  5. First effort not the best. Will try for greater next time.
  6. Photographic challenge is to beat this one I did in the Saab a few years ago.
  7. Stopped for three toilet breaks. Whole idea was to avoid catching anything in France as we are here for rest of the month. Set off from near Brighton at 7am and arrived in the Valais at 9:30pm
  8. 650 miles in one day in the gs450h. Seats were pretty comfortable. Roof box deducts 15% from fuel economy. Only managed 30mpg but mostly on motorways at 80. Will post some pictures soon to make you all hate me.
  9. I know a guy who paid £1500 for a 2007 gs450h because it had a "failed" battery pack. I think that is at the extreme end of bargaining.
  10. Which is exactly why a gen 3 450h should be bought. The faff and ongoing expense as these tpms systems age is something to consider.