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  1. Mossypossy

    I am new

    I had a Rover V8 when I was 18. Insurance was more than the car was worth, but University grant cheque paid for that.
  2. After two weeks and not many miles I have a slow puncture in one of my crappy tyres. As rears are 280 wide and a bit over circumference they show signs of rubbing. Decided to keep the 20 inch wheels as they do look nice and are solid forged aluminium so should not flake like stock wheels do. However, I will maintain as close a rolling circumference to OEM as possible. Will have to be 245/30 R20. Going to spend big on tyres. Cannot bring myself to buy Landsail at £80 a tyre fitted. 4 bits of quality rubber are going to to cost the best part of a grand. My local down the road garage cannot fit 20 inch wheels on their tyre machine either.
  3. I bought my Lexus and drove it home over Dartford Bridge? Duly added new vehicle to my existing account that night. They would have fined me if I had not called them three days later to say no fee had been taken from my account. Turns out you have to register a vehicle BEFORE you use crossing, not AFTER. They graciously forgave me but said never do it again!
  4. Some US data suggests that there were only about 500 gs450h's sold in the States each year. What sort of figure would the UK yield?
  5. Petrol. Assume super unleaded is used by all? Coming from a turbo Saab it was a given. Better stick a full tank of fuel in it before the ration cards!
  6. Regarding the acceleration. Very subtle but powerful. If you have been creeping along on electric only for a mile and then floor it I suspect performance may be held back a little? Those 340 horses are not always in the stable.
  7. I am 6 days ahead of you in my first ever Lexus, also a gs450h. Got mine in Hackney. I will put mine into a main dealer for a service.
  8. Turns out TPMS data only available on Gen 4 GS450h.
  9. I may be able to check with my newly purchased Carista obd reader. Should tell me if sensors are fitted and if one is dead.....according to Carista pr. Off for two week holiday so Lexus tucked up in garage. How long can a gs450h remain dormant without battery going flat?
  10. Found the TPMS reset button next to obd port. Pushed it with car in start mode. Nothing. Pushed it for 20 seconds. Nothing. Not an MOT fail on my age car. Can tpms be programmed out so warning does not occur? I have a set of external tyre pressure senders from last car.
  11. Tyre sizes are. Front: 245/35 R20 Rear: 285/30 ZR20 99Y XL
  12. Has anyone successfully used the Dr Prius app to analyse hybrid battery health on a 450h? Or hooked up an obd reader to display on info screen?
  13. Anyone fancy some bling 20 inch wheels and tyres, straight swap for standard? Brand AXE EX19....excellent condition and apparently cost £1400.
  14. Love a cheaper alternative. Lexus wheels seem quite prone to corrosion?