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  1. Low mpg at big motorway speed will have nothing to do with traction battery I would have thought, as it will barely be used. I got 28mpg with a roof box on a 500 mile motorway journey at those speeds.
  2. Only applies to cars less than 10 years old as far as I can see.
  3. Add automatic gearbox into the equation. Turned off my traction control, put it into sport mode, floored it on a (safe) wet corner and still did not lose traction. Don't think I am missing any ponies either. Maybe my idea of flooring it is too subtle. If I wanted to crash I could simply drive into a ditch.
  4. Was born in Darwen. The words "Darwen" and "Lexus" in the same sentence strike me as massively incongruous.
  5. On reflection was probably an accurate price. I paid £5600 one year ago for same age car. At the time there was £1000 difference for every year older the car was. So mine will now be actually worth less than £5000 to the casual buyer.
  6. GS450h for sale on eBay. Will be interesting to see how much people are actually wanting to pay rather than fixed price sale.
  7. Big nail in tyre this morning. Popped along to the one remaining open Kwikfit for a repair (all others in area shut due to Covid). They repaired it there and then and manager refused to charge me. "Just give the lad a drink". Tenner well spent. Happy TwixMas to them. (He did remember me from a few weeks ago when I bought tyres). Who'd a thunk it?
  8. Think if you have a HDD then you are stuffed with the DIY route.
  9. Easy update today. Latest navigation DVD to update maps by a decade to 2017. Only £12 from eBay. Anyone need a free 2007 maps dvd?
  10. If you want to modify a car then start off with a turbo powered car. Easy gains to be had. I upped my Saab 9000 from 225hp stock to around 300. Could have gone above 400. If you want Japanese madness get a Supra.
  11. Still not managed to sort TPMS light for little money. Not prepared to spend more than £20 on that particular fix.
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