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  1. Guys I’ve just noticed that the sd card cover flap in my IS300h has got damaged don’t know how just came to me as a surprise any solution? Thank you
  2. Much appreciated thank you never thought that side of the story.
  3. Guys I’m from UK and own a IS300H and just came across Lexus Enform app out of curiosity if I can remotely start and unlock my car. But learn that this is not available in UK. Any ideas to why and if it’s going to available? Any info will be appreciated. Thank you in anticipation.
  4. Hello everyone ive recently purchased IS300H 2016 reg and suddenly noticed that there is a squeaking noise at low speed especially when I’m turning left. I’m at the Lexus centre where I bought if from as we speak and the mechanic had a test drive where he couldn’t hear it. However he is changing the pads. Do you guys think this could resolve the issue? Thank you.
  5. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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      Thank you Steve. Pleasure to be here..