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  1. i put mine in the middle. it is luminous but helped by the tiny light from above.
  2. I keep getting adverts on PC where car paint is attacked with a knife or rock and damaged down to metal. Thereafter a man with a cloth and their MAGIC cream rubs over the "scratch" and it disappears. Magic! Am i over sceptical?
  3. is there no MOT center nearby who would pick it up and do the MOT. They could trailer it or use trade plates?
  4. THAT SOUNDS GOOD, Who are Lexusparts direct then, not part of Lexus?
  5. My service book states 60,000 miles for plugs. Seems contentious if all is running well? Is this a case for do not mend if not broken?
  6. i have been looking at having my plugs done and am told that they are special iridium? plugs at ridiculous money. Where to buy and how cheap can they be got? any advice
  7. To change your name by deed poll costs about £45. Change your name to that of your current car reg and voila, fully personalised plate for £45. No dafter than spending quarter of a million?
  8. I have a Mk 2 which regularly tells me 25/30mpg. when i reset mpg ave (not tank average) to zero, on filling then do a brim to brim it is ALWAYS LESS than the computer says, ALWAYS.
  9. If it is showing 23mpg then it will almost certainly be less in reality. try brim to brim and get out the calculator.😠
  10. Not Lexus at all but made me smile
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