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  1. Although it is 2009, it is pre facelift somehow without the front end mods nor the wing mirror indicators? Still a nice looking car.
  2. I paid £7500 for mine 6 months ago. Probably top end but i wanted it so bad. All toys, sunroof, ML satnav, memory seats, rear sun blind, AFS lights, 18 inch alloys heated and cooled seats, folding mirrors from button inside and auto close, only thing i can think missing is radar. 53000 miles with service although not all Lexus. She is thirsty round town but well into 30'S on motorway, who cares, it is a joy to drive.
  3. now covered light sensor, dipped panel and used display and WE ARE THERE!!!!!!! Thanks for the pointers.
  4. Not page 32 in my manual, in fact cannot only find any reference to night mode in my manual in settings on page 190 that says "depending on headlight switch screen changes from day to night mode" I have tried all settings with light control dimmed and no day nor night mode option appears on display screen? I have ML system. Mike
  5. When driving at night, in heavy rain the sat nav is distractingly bright. Can it be dimmed or even put in a night mode?
  6. I cannot detect whether the AFS is working or not. How can you check if it is working? is it speed dependent or should it work if you are stationary and turn the wheel?
  7. My misses is driving me mad. She will insist on looking in the vanity mirror and every night, before going to bed, I find The car illuminated by the vanity light. I have to go out and open the car to turn it off. Can this light be set to go off with the ignition?
  8. Hi, I see in your car picture that you have the same wheels as me. Do you know what the colour of them is called? It was suggested to be shadow chrome but i am not sure.


    1. normski2


      You may well be right on Shadow Chrome. I've heard that quoted before.

      However, I had my wheels refurbed about 4 years ago. So my colour is not the Lexus original.

  9. The car in the video has pre-facelift wing indicators and facelift mirrors with indicators? My car, 2009 does this automatically as per factory?
  10. Mine had perished at the bottom end. I got my replacement from a scrapper. When i refitted i put black silicone on all the tabs because some were damaged on removal.