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  1. Was looking at Autotrader in Australia to compare prices with here and yes I do have too much free time, The car I was looking for was a 2009 SE-L but it seems that that lineup was not sold there. None have memory seats nor ML system and mostly cloth seats. They have manuals that are much cheaper than autos. IS250 Sports Luxury 2.5L, 6 SP SEQ AUTO $11,800 – 17,270 IS250C Prestige 2.5L, 6 SP AUTO $16,400 – 22,880 IS250 Sports 2.5L, 6 SP MAN $10,600 – 15,510 IS250 Prestige 2.5L, 6 SP MAN $9,100 – 13,750
  2. I do not want to be miles from home and have to limp home on motorway at 50mph. why can not fit 255/18 on front?
  3. I have 225 x 18 tyres on the front and 255 x18 on the rear. i have in mind to replace the yellow spare with a full size rim, say 255 x 18. If I do can i run it as both front and rear spare or does this make for a different wheels/same axle problem.
  5. If you look at the video to which the quote is referring you will see the guys telling you to cut and remove the shock absorber part of the inner bumper across the middle,The part that they butcher is a safety feature and cutting it would without doubt affect a personal accident claim and almost certainly void your insurance.
  6. ""trim and remove the front shock absorber"" do not forget to advise your insurance
  7. Apparently not only direct injection but a combo of methods. It is possible but complicated and difficult. I was told estimate about £2300.
  8. called a mechanic and if it is direct injection then the answer is no can do. I believe it to be so?
  9. My is250 has a heated window to defrost the wipers.
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