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  1. If I drive like a man with an empty fuel tank then I get about 20. If I drive normally and in traffic it can get to 17. Not been on motorway for weeks but last time got over 30 doing a speed over what I should have been doing. I find that the first few miles gulps and wonder if that is an auto choke thing? It also does not like being stuck at slow changing traffic lights. I also admit to being a comfort freak with Ac, heated seats, running lights on and all toys playing. Must use some power?
  2. I really find little difference between this car and my previous FWDs. Having read the horror stories about wet road mishandling,I expected worse. It however sticks to the road like **** to a blanket and I am very pleased with it. My only gripe is fuel consumption which around town is horrendous. I must admit that I never intended to open a 5h1tstorm.
  3. Only first time this week had reason to use snow ECT, never had that before.
  4. My previous several cars, Nissans, Rovers, Hondas, Renault have all been FWD. Does it affect modern cars? Any special tips or tricks for the RWD is250.
  5. So finally got her in today and the mechanics could not fault anything. Checked callipers, steering rack, wishbones, everything. Only suggestion was hitting end stops so all greased up and time will tell? Good news no costs involved.
  6. there is a system for either unlocking the drivers alone OR all.
  7. Was reversing out of a parking spot last night on full left lock when I heard a loud clunk. It sounded like I had hit something. Got out nothing there? Today reversing again on right lock it did it again. Pulled forward and repeated with no noise. Did that twice without any noise. Reversing straight it does not do it. Bad timing Xmas and all.
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