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  1. Yes seen a lot of the videos and had the top down on the new convertible to check it out, love it. i don’t think you can fault the car technically, I must say I really enjoyed my Jaguar XK coupe and the convertibles and do think Jaguar made a backward step with the introduction of the F type. I am sure that the Lexus convertible will be the market leader as there is not much out there to contest it, and will certainly keep me happy for a couple of years, if we ever get back on the road and the Pandemic is over. cheers steve
  2. Hi About August last year, as soon as they officially launched, I had a lc 500 coupe but always wanted a convertible. I have had 3 jag xk convertibles in the past but the Ftype replacement was too small for me. The Lc 500 is a very very good replacement and the new Lc 500 convertible roof works like a dream. I haven’t been able to enjoy the car yet, but hopefully by Spring the lockdown may be relaxed and my wife and I can do some roof down motoring. I was the first person at Vantage Preston, to order the LC 500 coupe and the first person to order the conver
  3. Yes I bought one from Vantage Preston, Dec 2020. all good so far. steve
  4. Hi yes I have took delivery of LC500 sports convertible Dec 20 from Vantage Preston. all ok so far. cheers Steve now trying to locate a windscreen/windbreak accessory but can’t locate one.
  5. Has anyone located a removable accessory wind screen, I have seen it in the videos but can't find any for sale. cheers Steve I have had the car since Dec 20 and all good so far.
  6. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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