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  1. Thx guys, just changed the oil and filters today, new spark plugs, put fresh petrol with injector cleaner in it, but there is still 2 things on the car that the check engine light flashing on dashboard and the car is shaking on idle eve. The engine it self
  2. Thank you, she's late 1998,reading on is 198 000 miles, haven't got a chance to find out paperwork about service history yet and tje car was lying for 7 years the women who own it her husbend past away and she wouldn't sell it but then the guy bought it for engine conversion but he never did it cause hes got some other projects to do and then i am the next owner now.
  3. Just bought my first ls 400 (1998),after 2 years looking for it, so exited to put her on the road, she's been last mot-d in 2013 so might need some work done.
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