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  1. At one point insurers were charging for bullbars on a car, what is a mod? Upgraded bulbs ? Different wheelnuts or valves? Luggage rack? 3d number plates, different aerial? Ss exhaust? Upgraded audio? Then there are some very dubious performance mods! K&N filters £35 tuning boxes off ebay, different sparkplugs, coil overs, stabilisers, these will improve handling! Surely a good thing but not necessarily, performance!! end of rant😇
  2. No idea how this works!
  3. You are of course 100% right you should tell your Insurance about every mod you make to your car, my bad👍
  4. Apologies Malc not trying to be flippant but insurance assesors do not in general scrutinise cars for add ons imo its any excuse to increase your policy, I own a Rav 4 diesel which has had a ecu chip fitted for 15 years and it has had 12 services at main dealers and 3 independents and no one has noticed it has one 🤔
  5. Super unleaded is supposed to increase performance but I don't tell my insurance when I use it🙄
  6. I have used dirensa +25 mm fronts and + 30 mm rears, some say you can go to 40 mm rears they cost roughly £170 for 2 sets they are the same alloy Aerospace as more expensive ones and have had no problems, I have 2 sets of wheels with 245 x 40 x 18s👍
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