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  1. For sale: Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetic Tyres with 6-7mm thread I have: 2x GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 ASYMMETRIC - 225/40R18 92Y XL FP TL 1x GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 ASYMMETRIC - 255/35R18 94Y XL FP TL Item Condition: Tyres are in superb condtion and have done minimal mileage and only been on the car a few months. 6-7mm all around on the 225/40/18 tyres and 6mm on the 255/35/18 Tyre. Price and price conditions: 2x 225/40/18 Tyres Extra Info: Pictures: to be added Contact Details: pm me Location: Greater Manchester Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Payment must be recieved before dispatch or collection is welcome. Cash on Collection, Bank Transfer or paypal (you pay the fees) are the prefered payment options. Price: 2x 225/40/18 Cost new is £110++ EACH £150 pair + £15 Delivery 1x 255/35/18 Cost new is £150++ EACH £120 + £9 Delivery
  2. Gs300 / Aristo Rear Chassis Brace

    Yeah sorry guys only for a Mk2 :)
  3. For sale: Lexus GS300 / Aristo Rear Chasis Brace Item Condition: Used Price and price conditions: £60 Extra Info: Helps make the car handle better by tightenning up the loose back end. Pictures: Contact Details: PM me and will get back to you. Location: Greater Manchester Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Collection Prefered or can be delivered for £10
  4. Never fitted and brand new in the box. Looks like this on the car: Would like £20 + £5 postage. Thanks :)
  5. Nurburgring 2009........

    Hi, We are currently at the hotel in Koln. The list of attendees is: Mr Mole (with Gord) Anees (Honda S2000 - not hair dressers) Gord (Focus ST Azbo Orange) Wozza (Anyones!) Stav (Blue IS200 Twin turbo) Lee Iceman (Silver IS200 Supercharged - Sold!)
  6. Prolex-uk Track/sprint/hill Climb Car

    @Dave - have you had chance to take a good drive with the BC Racing Coilovers? They seem to be getting quite popular with alot of other car makes too......... a few on the Honda S2000 club have them and rate them highly.
  7. Service Time

    Thats interesting info Ormi - didn't know that! So what Honda is this then Bazza? :)
  8. Is220d Egr Bypass

    I know its a different car, but I have mine blanked off on my BMW 330D for the past few months. No issues but the car does drive differently - it is smoother and the power delivery more relaxed.
  9. Janey In Jp

    Well Done :D
  10. Jae 11-13th Sept 09

    bit harsh that, just had a read thru and all looks JAE/LOC/Lexus related I think you've missed all the off topic stuff mate - its all been removed......
  11. Jae 11-13th Sept 09

    Yeah..... it is getting nasty :o
  12. Jae 11-13th Sept 09

    Good answer Gord! But Dave could just hold £200 in one hand...........
  13. Jae 11-13th Sept 09

    I can't believe that so many previous members have found other clubs to attend JAE with this year! Would this be the lowest turn out for LOC ever? :o I hope not!!
  14. Im Back, Well Not Really

    Saraj is a bit of an from what I hear.