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  1. For sale: Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetic Tyres with 6-7mm thread I have: 2x GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 ASYMMETRIC - 225/40R18 92Y XL FP TL 1x GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 ASYMMETRIC - 255/35R18 94Y XL FP TL Item Condition: Tyres are in superb condtion and have done minimal mileage and only been on the car a few months. 6-7mm all around on the 225/40/18 tyres and 6mm on the 255/35/18 Tyre. Price and price conditions: 2x 225/40/18 Tyres Extra Info: Pictures: to be added Contact Details: pm me Location: Greater Manchester Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Payment must be recieved before dispatch or collection is welcome. Cash on Collection, Bank Transfer or paypal (you pay the fees) are the prefered payment options. Price: 2x 225/40/18 Cost new is £110++ EACH £150 pair + £15 Delivery 1x 255/35/18 Cost new is £150++ EACH £120 + £9 Delivery
  2. For sale: Lexus GS300 / Aristo Rear Chasis Brace Item Condition: Used Price and price conditions: £60 Extra Info: Helps make the car handle better by tightenning up the loose back end. Pictures: Contact Details: PM me and will get back to you. Location: Greater Manchester Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Collection Prefered or can be delivered for £10
  3. Never fitted and brand new in the box. Looks like this on the car: Would like £20 + £5 postage. Thanks :)
  4. Hi, We are currently at the hotel in Koln. The list of attendees is: Mr Mole (with Gord) Anees (Honda S2000 - not hair dressers) Gord (Focus ST Azbo Orange) Wozza (Anyones!) Stav (Blue IS200 Twin turbo) Lee Iceman (Silver IS200 Supercharged - Sold!)
  5. @Dave - have you had chance to take a good drive with the BC Racing Coilovers? They seem to be getting quite popular with alot of other car makes too......... a few on the Honda S2000 club have them and rate them highly.
  6. Thats interesting info Ormi - didn't know that! So what Honda is this then Bazza? :)
  7. I know its a different car, but I have mine blanked off on my BMW 330D for the past few months. No issues but the car does drive differently - it is smoother and the power delivery more relaxed.
  8. bit harsh that, just had a read thru and all looks JAE/LOC/Lexus related I think you've missed all the off topic stuff mate - its all been removed......
  9. Yeah..... it is getting nasty :o
  10. Good answer Gord! But Dave could just hold £200 in one hand...........
  11. I can't believe that so many previous members have found other clubs to attend JAE with this year! Would this be the lowest turn out for LOC ever? :o I hope not!!
  12. Saraj is a bit of an from what I hear.
  13. You would have thought the bigger balls and brain would have been a package deal...... :D
  14. Link?? So does this basically have alot of the running gear from the MKIV Supra? Are parts interchangable? I'm sure its easier to find uprated suspension for a Supra then a Soarer, so being compatible will no doubt help! Good Luck :D
  15. I heard he is coming in a new M5!! :o................. :D
  16. Was watching the episode of Top Gear when Clarkson took the Diesel Jag around the ring. He said it was €14 a lap. Just looked at the latest prices: 2009 Price in Euros Single lap €22 4-lap ticket €75 8-lap ticket €145 15-lap ticket €250 25-lap ticket €390 66 laps Breakeven point for a Jahreskarte Jahreskarte €1,075
  17. Looking rather nice mate ;) :)
  18. Mr Mole now coming :D so is Anees :D Yeah............ will be booking the hotel and Euro train at the weekend I fancy taking the S2000, but don't really want to drive all that way with the soft top on the motorway so I can stick the hard top on, but then once we are there I don't want to keep it on so need someway of storing it. If the weather is not looking too clever then I think I'll just take the Oil burner and get there in a tank of the black stuff!
  19. Thanks mate. :D I forgot to mention the Mini Cooper is only Group 9 insurance too, which is part of the reason why she bought it in the first place.
  20. For sale: 10w-50 Silkolene Pro S Proformance Oil 3x 1 Litre Top up packs Item Condition: 2 Top up bottles are brand new and sealed. One has been used slightly but has 800ML left. Price and price conditions: £20 + delivery or free collection Extra Info: Silkolene Pro S is suitable for use in all modern cars and is particularly recommended for high performance engines. The full synthetic base fluid ensures that the products are thermally stable and extremely resistant to oxidation, even when stressed to the extremes of endurance. The excellent overall performance profile ensures optimum protection even in the most demanding turbo-charged power units in modern performance cars. The discerning motorist may be confident that the products excel in all areas of performance and ensure maximum protection under all operating conditions. Ideal for Aristo! Pictures: Contact Details: Send me a PM Location: Greater Manchester Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Would prefer collection
  21. Hi guys, I am offering for sale my sisters 2002 Mini Cooper with the John Cooper Works Aero Bodykit. It was bought around three years ago and she has decided its now time for a change. It has spent its life driven on the M60 motorway to her work and then straight back, hardly ever driven around town. The car turns heads wherever it goes and even I have to admit (despite not really being my cup of tea) it does look very nice. The car has a black exterior with a contrasting black/red interior that I think works really well and lifts the car. The car has the top spec Chilli Pack and I think the door speakers have been changed to uprated better after market versions but this was done before we bought the car, so I can't be sure but the sound quality is miles better then expected. More details: Reg. Date: 01 Mar 2002 Engine Size: 1,598 cc Mileage: 79984 (still in daily use) MOT Expiry: Apr 2010 Road Tax Expiry: Sep 2009 Previous Owners: 2 A/C, Electric Windows, Roof Spoiler, Tints, 17" Alloys with Pirelli Run-flat tyres. Car does have some slight cosmetic issues, being a black car, which will show every mark!. This picture shows them (to be fair make them look worse then they are): The only other things is the spot lights on the front have started to rust so I'd get those replaced if I were the buyer or just remove them. One of the wheels has kerb mark on it too. The car has a private plate and this will be removed before the sale of the car. She is looking for £5500 ONO. Thanks, Anees
  22. Time for an update. I was let down getting the spare set of wheels I needed, but a BMWLand member (who ironically worked in the next street!) offered to lend me a set of MV2 BMW Replicas. They were 225/40/18 8J wide all around so not the same as the staggered setup I ran but anyway, still would be helpful. I collected the wheels, drove to my friends garage and he swapped the wheels over. Old MV2 wheels fitted: We went for a drive and unfortunetly it was wet and the tyres (which were virtually brand new) on the replica MV2 just would not grip at all. They just couldn't handle the torque of the car and even at 30mph a gentle prod of the accelerator and they would spin up! After taking the Stigs "brave pills" we hit the motorway and gently increased speed - we had no confidence in the car and were scared to go past 70mph, but we pushed it to 70mph+ and the car was even worse then before! When we got back to the garage we actaully parked outside and my friend/mechanic decided to see if he could see anything obvious with the car. As soon as he got out he noticed something and then asked me to see if I noticed it too. I did!! :o :o The top of the passenger side rear wheel looked alot more "in" compared to the drivers side - like it had alot more camber! We got a few people to check and all agreed. One wheel was angled more "in" then the other!! After a measure, the gaps between the tyre sidewall and the inside of the wheel arch at each side were: Drivers - 45mm Passeger - 49mm !!! I have tried to explain what I mean with pictures but its not that easy to do. The difference is much more blatent in reality. The fact that I had wide 9" rims with 255 tyres with a big rim protector on the car before made this extremely hard to spot before because they virtually filled the arches! The thin 8" wheels with a virtually non existant rim protector made it much easier to spot this difference! Now obviously the report report looked OK so I will be going back to the Geometry Centre and having a word! Something has seriously gone wrong! :o I will be on the phone on Monday to get the car back in. Now if the car goes back on the Hunter Geometry machine and it says the rear wheels are correct then I'm sorry but I think the machine needs calibrating or something??? So glad to have the Goodyears back on, the tyres on the MV2 rims were "fullrun"?? and scary in the wet!
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