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  1. I have this squealing pads problem. It also squeaks even when no brakes are applied. I have been back and forth with Lexus Swindon and they haven't done anything about it after checking it 3 times... At some point they even tried to convince me that the humming noise from the low pressure fuel pump (due to a malfunction) is the "feature of the vehicle" - this got sorted under warranty though. Not a great bunch I must admit but had no alternatives. Have you had such squeak issues even when no brakes are applied?
  2. Hey gang! Sorry took me a while to get back here 🙂 Hope you guys are keeping well. How much does it cost to replace all 4 corners brake discs and pads? I am also going to look into compound polishing it and ceramic wax spraying for a bit of protection... There some swirl marks to get rid of from the previous owners washes I assume... These usually have soft paint and thin finish I hear - any tips on this would be greatly appreciated too. Stay ssafe everyone!
  3. Guys, thank you all for the info and advice! I went ahead with the purchase on PCP - the current deal is indeed 3.9% which is great in comparison to the rest of the car market. First impressions - GS F is an absolute joy to drive, what a fantastic piece of engineering! The only downside is that mine does not come with ML sound although the stock Pioneer system is OK. I did some more research and the price of around mid to late 30K mark has been there for the past 2 odd years so it seems to keep the value pretty well. Given there aren't many about I think it will retain its value for another couple of years or even longer if the mileage is low and it has been well looked after. I hope I have not been ripped off by the dealer and signed up to a very overpriced deal 🙂
  4. Oh wow! What a fantastic deal you got! Was it through the dealer or third party? Whichever the case, would you mind sharing their name? Thank you in advance!
  5. Some very valid points have been made indeed guys! The "common vehicle" market would definitely see a push. However I am not sure the same will be applicable to the unique vehicles such as GSF with only 67 registered in the UK (as far as I know). There are definitely people that are looking to pick one up with none currently in the market. @Killysprint I would much rather go for a loan, however not sure what vendor offers low percentages for 4 years or so... Need to have a good dig for it. PCP is indeed more expensive.
  6. Still have not decided. The trader won't bodge from 36.5k, it's a 2016 with 25k on the clock. Do you think it's a fair price? What's your opinion on the potential value of these in 2-4 years. Also has anyone ever had to get out of pcp earlier than the end of the given term?
  7. Will let you know if I make my mind up! 🙂 Still doubtful whether to go down ISF or GSF route.
  8. Yep, seems like exactly what they're doing. Do you know if there any differences between say 2015 and 2017 models?
  9. Yea I also thought that they wouldnt be hugely different. To be frank I think I would be ok going for the ISF. It's just that what's currently on the market seems very overpriced imho. I guess it's the waiting game eh? I'm in my GS 450h for now so things ain't bad 🙂
  10. I hear you. I like ISF over RCF any day somehow although they are currently similarly priced which is shocking..
  11. Awesome stuff Barry, what did you pick up your icf for, if you don't mind the cheeky question of course 🙂
  12. Let me know for sure! There is a 2015 one I am being offered for 36.5K with 25k miles on it. I feel like it is a bit steep - what do you reckon?
  13. Completely different price point - don't want to cross 35k really.... Also I prefer 4 doors somehow. What about them though?