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  1. I think Sorcerer has a point; I set it to take me from Longueville sur Scie to Courselles sur Mer. I may have missed telling it to accept toll roads so that may be my own fault.but it took me throurgh Rouen centre and through some really minor bits of Haute Normandie. On the run back my sons used their telephones instead and we shaved over an hour off the journey and quite a bit of petrol since we just got onto major roads and paeages and set the cruise control. I then realised I had a Garmin in my glove box - I could have kicked my own arse! I have, though, updated the Lexus sat nav with a new disk, having also updated the Garmin using Garmin Express.
  2. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  3. Once I had found where the disc goes, thanks to this website, changing the Europe West disc for the latest one was dead easy; it just said "checking DVD" then came up with its position on the map spot on. Thanks for all the info.