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  1. I'd say the drying phase was probably around 30mins. However, I'm a bit OCD by nature and like to get rid of every drop going over areas several times. I'm not the quickest. But I was also listening to Iron Maiden's latest new album Senjutsu so I was a bit "in the zone"! ๐Ÿ˜œ
  2. No probs mate! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ I used mine yesterday after washing the car. Three hours spent using all Bilt Hamber products - auto foam (pre wash), auto wash shampoo (contact wash), the BLO AIR-S to dry all over including alloys all door shuts and boot and bonnet all on the higher heat seating. Finally sprayed the alloys with Wonder Wheels sealant spray. You'll enjoy using it I'm sure!
  3. Your making the right choice I think under the circumstances ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ. Typical of a franchised dealership to not offer a decent price to buy a well looked after beloved motor. I've heard fairly decent reviews regarding WBAC. Looked on various YouTube reviews from people that have successfully sold their cars to them for a fair decent offer.
  4. Lexus Birmingham keep on telephoning, emailing and posting me various offers for trading in our CT. "Manager's special invite" etc etc. I keep telling them me and the missus plan to keep min 7-10years before changing. I like hatchbacks or small saloons. I don't want to join the SUV club! CT does everything well and decent. Comfortable and reliable that's the main thing for me. Did a trip to RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk and back to Birmingham recently. Perfect on the motorway! Two years into ownership. I'm glad to have left the VAG group and will stick to Lexus. Would be nice to have a newer vehicle but when I think of the costs it makes sense always to keep the car longer term.
  5. Cheers Len. From looking at the paperwork over the last two years of ownership, from Lexus Birmingham during their health checks and servicing. Seems read wear across each tyre is consistent. Any variation is .1mm. Next service is in October, so will await the next health check on the CT!
  6. Thanks for the above guys. Increases one's knowledge further. Once I had this thought of rotating the tyres, part of my brain did think it would probably be unnecessary. That I was making a job for myself that wasn't really required! As my annual mileage is below average anyway, will probably hold fire on this one!
  7. Many thanks guys. On reflection looking again the tyres are probably more symmetrical. I was half asleep earlier when responded, as come off a long night shift as an Undertaker. Might just leave the tyres now as the service and MOT are due in October. Have a service plan with Lexus Birmingham so may ask them if then can rotate tyres during that. If it's worthwhile to help with even wear???
  8. The Yokohama e70 db tyres are assymetrical I believe.
  9. Cheers guys for the guidance. I'll have a look at my manual. When I get chance probably weekend I'll swap tyres. As there is only an amber warning light for the TPMS, rather than a display for pressure of the individual tyre. I did think maybe it would be to swap as normal. Just wasn't sure. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ
  10. Hi folks Thinking of rotating tyres on my CT200h (Oct 2016 model). The front two are around 5mm tread. The two rear are around 6mm. Had the car now just over two years. I believe the Yokohama tyres were brand new from Lexus Birmingham when I got the car. This is the first car I have had with TPMS. Is it still possible to rotate as normal, without the need for doing anything "technical" regarding the TMPS? I have no electronic wizardry gadgets so was curious! I have the normal tools with the addition of axle stands and trolley jacks. Many thanks LOC!
  11. Brent you won't regret switching to Bilt Hamber Auto Foam. I also use Bilt Hamber Auto Wash for the contact phase after. After many years of trying other brands I'm sticking to these two. Plus being a British company its a bonus! I had a Karcher K2, then later upgraded to a K4. No issues so far. I had a foam cannon from IODETAIL so depending on how I feel, I use either that or my pump sprayer. Car detailing is a journey like Life in general. You'll make mistakes as you go along. However, you'll have success too! At least you are doing it yourself rather than using the petrol station automatic carwash. Or worse still, those ยฃ5 car wash places!
  12. I use Bilt Hamber Auto Foam. It's cleaning power is well documented - Forensic Detailing channel on YouTube is a good reference point for all things car detailing. I used to use Autoglym Polar Blast - it was great for causing an avalanche on the driveway! It's cleaning power was not very great! I use a pump sprayer now rather than foam cannon. That way any snow foam you use isn't being excessively diluted by your pressure washer. Plus it's a lot easier than having to calculate dilution ratio's / Panel Impact Ratios (PIR) depending on the brand of snow foam. My pump sprayer was ยฃ5 from Wilko!๐Ÿ˜€ Remember it isn't the "foam" action of the product that does the actual work of removing dirt before you do your contact wash. It's the actual surfactants / ingredients of the product instead. Check out Bilt Hamber products - they are great value, last ages, actually do work, well regarded by those in the know. (I don't work for them before you ask! But since lockdown last year and countless hours of YouTube detailing watching, knowledge of the humble art of washing and maintaining clean paintwork has become an obsession. My wife is not a happy lady!๐Ÿ™…โ€โ™€๏ธ)
  13. Over the last 2yrs of ownership with the CT, knowing the 10 litre reserve is there, I've done some " fuel stretching" testing too! At 380 miles in, the yellow fuel light came on. At 450 miles I filled up with normal Shell Fuelsave petrol this morning, so stretched to 70 miles on reserve! Stats: 40.73litres / 8.959gallons 450 miles / 50.22mpg Chuffed with that but probably won't stretch the reserve anymore!
  14. Hi Joe When Lexus Birmingham fitted the Catloc, they marked the Catalytic Converter during installation. With the packaging for the Catloc is a registration card and two stickers to place on the drivers and passenger side windows. As soon as I got home from the dealership, I registered my Catloc on the website. Very easy to do. Feel more reassured with the Catloc installed. I've also DNA marked parts of the car with a kit that's Police approved through SelectaDNA. If you can, garage your car overnight๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ
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