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  1. Recently bought an is300h but wasnt expecting much in performance aspect, as any reviews you read downplay that part of the cars abilities, but i have been impressed bye the handling and the power delivery and find it quite fun on a windy road, so happy with the car when u combine it with the economy and reliability its a tidy package
  2. Just took it to my usual spot to have 4 wheel tracking and alignment
  3. So rx450h is pulling to the left when i come off the throttle, but have notice this pull kicks in when the rev hits the blue charge zone, then there is another pull to the right it seems when the power comes back on, had a wishbone replaced recently thought it might be to do with that but all seems tight underneath any ideas on this would be aporeciated Thanks Alan
  4. Maybee he has lots of money and enjoys the smell of burning rubber, the world is full of different people who enjoy different things if it makes u happy go for it ul be a long time in the ground
  5. Looks like fun, isnt that what lifes about, lots of guys and girls with high powered cars to potter to the shops in, that makes me wonder Y, i suppose its a personal choice
  6. Hi guys my 2010 rx450h has an annoying windshield wiper issue, when i select the intermediate mode the wipers intialy wipe once then stop functionig all together, no issues when on fully, just at intermediate mode, any advice welcomed, thank you
  7. I had issues with noises cumming from my rx brake actuator and it dosnt sound like the same symptom
  8. My gs450h is a hell of a lot better on a long motorway spin than around town, the rx450h seems to give me a similar return either around town or on a country run
  9. Hopefully its an easy fix so, best of luck and keep us posted
  10. Maybee just ask again is ther any chance he can help locate the spare key as u would like the set, if he cant help out dont i would leave it be and save urself the hassel
  11. It could be a list of reasons for this dont jump the gun and think the car needs major surgery
  12. Shes a fine machine