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  1. Getting my bargain lexus ready for mot found small hole in the rear o/s wheel arch so out with the grinder and welder.
  2. Just getting my rx300 ready for its mot never thought to look at subframe. Are new subframes available or is it parts and patches. I know it needs 2 front tyres and 2 wishbones drop links. As the car only cost me £200 and came with 2 shiny new wishbones am not too worried about possibility of new subframe. Are there any othe danger spots i need to look at.
  3. Had this issue with my rx 300 when i bought it. We removed the foot well side kick panels disconnected all joints and cleaned. We also cleaned up all the earth points and connections we could get to and all ok now. Think the problem caused by sunroof pipes being blocked.
  4. I am smitten by my bargain rx300 but thinking of going for a 400/450h in the near future. I want the space the 300 gives me but would like some feedback on other models and any advice what to look out for please.
  5. Drains were definitely blocked. Had to take out drivers carpet and dispose of soundproofing.
  6. Thank you both will check drains if and when rain stops.
  7. My rx300 drivers footwell is soaked any ideas where i should be looking please. Everywhere else is ok.
  8. Anyone know how many and the correct speed sensors for my 2004 RX300 please. Neil.
  9. Thank you the car was registered 18/08/2004 how would i find out if its a 2005 model.
  10. Am after a cambelt kit for my 2004 rx300 could you let me know which kit you went for from rock auto. Cheers. Neil.
  11. Thank you both. I did wonder if its the vvt causing the slight delay. the car had been standing around 8 to 10 months before i bought it and had a lot of electrical faults along with burnt out ecu. it had probably only done about 20 mile trips since i first got it back on the road. The 136 mile trip was its first real journey in 12 months. And i am smitten so selling both my land rovers ready to buy a newer lexus.
  12. Took my rx300 on its first real journey since purchase. Took it to bristol 136 miles motorway. The car went really well but occasionally it seemed slightly hesitant changing down when i pushed the accelerator to overtake it was like it was having a think before kickdown. Other than that it was fine and even better when i went to fuel station and refilled to brim it was £25.30 and that included spilling out onto the floor. Would a flush be advised or am i at the start of an issue.