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  1. Only wasters who expect me to give it away
  2. Your a watch expert now, I take you don't own a TAG or never seen the inner workings of the a TAG.
  3. Couple of reasons I think, firstly the V6, this option is for improved interior cabin space using cab forward design 'incease interior space at the expense of the underbonnet space and front end crash requirements, Now the 4 cylinder diesel, well Lexus have shot themselves in foot big time, one of TMC failings is that it can't make a good diesel engines for cars, they did have the chance of taking a V6 diesel from another manufacture but 'BOTTLED IT' now the same engine they were going to take is now widely regarded as best in class. sadly it's not in a Lexus. An I4 diesel in this class of car is a little sad when you look at what else you can buy for the same money or less and the having no Auto option is further proof that TMC can't make diesel engines for cars.
  4. The old car was a 2 litre, the new car is a 2.5 litre, hence should be more expensive, like everyone else. ....and having driven and inspected the new car, even if it was still a 2 litre, it would be worth the extra. It really IS that good. Please wait until you have seen / driven it before passing judgment? ← Styling, then price is what gets people into dealerships, at Lexus prices you won't get me going any where near one of there dealerships.
  5. Sorry to disagree with you, but not everyone wants 18" wheels. If you want sporty 18" then buy the 250 Sport, the SE-L has 17" wheels to add to the luxury and ride comfort of that model. As for the folk moaning about the spacesaver spare wheel, what do you expect when the front and rear tyres are different widths? I supose you could carry 2 spare wheels, or cheaper still just buy the base model 250. Oldun ← Wheel size has nothing to do with ride confort, that's handled by the suspension and the side wall of the tyre and tyre compond, there are many reasons why a manfacture uses a spacer saver wheel/tyre there might have underfloor package issues with say the muffler system, they need to have bigger mufflers to achive the legal drive noise requirement or they may want to either meet or be better than the competition with boot space, the main reason is to save money.
  6. Either an ESCORT VAN (diesel) or a pick-up, because I need that type of transport for next 12 to 18 months and I don't want mess up what is a perfect car. If you know someone who wants car that been wrapped in cotton wool, parked in private car park all day, then point them in my direction.
  7. IS200 Sport Black June 1st registered 2003, Gen reason for selling just over 19000 miles Full Lexus Areo kit plus side skirts (fitted when new) 18 inch Lexus 6 spoke alloys, Paint work, unmarked Oakham interior, unmarked The usual sport features Couple of extra features: Lexus leather armrest, and centre dash tray PM me for more details. The number plate shown is not for sale and has been replaced with a new 03 Plate £11995 ono
  8. The wheel/tyres might be a different size but they will have the same rolling radius The only reason why car manufactures use space saver wheel and tyres is to save money, there is no benifit to the customer.
  9. You do sound like a saleman who has just walked out of the briefing for the new IS250 :) . Sadly no amount of spin will get me to buy a new IS250 or any other Lexus Brand
  10. I don't want to burst your bubble but the IS is not a competitor for any of the products you mention, they don't offer enough body styles or powertrains, the new IS will be offered in one body style, with two choices of powertrain, not what I would call competition for the products you mention
  11. Sorry about this but I have to comment, Theirs is no way the IS250 is worth the type of money that has quoted regardless of trim or spec, LEXUS are only number 1 in JD Power because of 'purchase justification' as for being the 'best car I ever owned' this depends on how you define 'Best' if it's Poor build Quaility, Warranty Repairs, continious vists to the dealer to fix the same defect time and time again, if this means Best to you, it doesn't to me which why buying a IS200 wasn't one of the best decision I have ever made. Apart from all defects/repairs it has been a joy to own but sadly I won't be buying another becasue of what I have suffered owning the one I've got. writer stands back from the keyboard an awaits fall out.
  12. Thanks for the offer, I'm only looking to replace a damaged standard styling kit 18inch wheel ← Try Matt Cook, he may have something available ← Matt PM'ed me earlier. Thanks for the info