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  1. Hi, So a 200 Sportcross has turned up at a dealer near me and very close to where I a viewing wouldn't really be a special journey... I've read buyers guides and digested the very useful comments but just wondered if anyone had anything else to add that maybe Sportcross specific? Its a one owner on 138k with service history and nothing too scary on MOT history . My main concern is rust...I'm not expecting mint condition , but I don't want to be welding it up in 12 months. Advisory mentions underbody surface rust which I think is MOT testers covering their arse a
  2. Hi, New member , aspiring to a Sportcross once we get some normality back! Will be studying tech topics and generally nosing around the site as I'm sure most of my questions have been answered how much worse is the fuel economy of an IS300 Sportcross Vs the IS200 version? Tony
  3. Hi Google search for Lexus Forum... It worked lol Tony
  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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