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  1. Changed the plugs, a bit of a struggle!, a set of Denso FK20HBR11 and engine is much responsive. I suspect the sparkies were never changed in her entire life!
  2. Sadly no clubs of such back where I came from. Just a few friends who owned bikes so gathering at houses and coffee shops...as I owned a bike repair shop I did most of the repairs and service for my friends.
  3. Just a set of heavy duty spring compressor, a ball joint splitter and the usual sockets and spanners. And plenty of PlusGas (WD40)! A faily straight forward job.
  4. Changed the front shock absorbers, took me 3 hours to do both sides. She rides smooth now. Rear will be done next week.. More work in the coming weeks...
  5. Picked up the 2 wings, mine were rotten at the top edges..thought of repairing them they are rusted through. Not to replace them both.....job for tomorrow and monday, together with the front absorbers.
  6. I last rode the Beemer about 20 years ago...the bike got heavier as I got older 🤣
  7. I started with a Honda Cub C50. Then progressed to a 90 Sports, a CB500-Four. Last bike was a BMW R100RS. Been thinking of going back to bikes at some point...but which one???
  8. Hooray....has the aircon serviced and regas and now it's ice cold ....just in tome for this heat!
  9. I was reading up on the IS250 and GS300 and stumbled onto here...
  10. Fortunately no....but I haven't driven it much...just getting on with the work needed when I am off... Enjoying every minute of this ...I used to own a garage 17 years ago in my home country...missed all that!
  11. Problem with garages etc..... they charge for service ie oil, filters and plugs but how many can be trusted that is the question! I bought mine at 134k miles and seller showed me the invoice for service done at 132k miles ( oil, filters and plugs ). However I checked and only the oil and air filter were changed! The oil filter cap looked too dirty to have been opened so I did the service myself to confirm it wasn't changed. Plugs were not changed too,. Same for pollen filter! Will get my tranmission and axle oil change soon.
  12. My side mirrors arrived from Lithuania and replaced both . Now she looks better.... Plastic covers in engine bay installed, new clips in place. Serviced the engine - oil ( Castrol Edge 0-40 fully synthetic ) and filter ( Toyota ) change. Waiting for plugs to arrive. While under the car, had a good look at the belt. Slight cracking so will need changing. Oil leak on the left hand side above the aircon compressor - any idea where from? Also replaced the NS front wheel arch liner - mine was damaged at the fromt lower so leaving a gaping hole. More jobs to do - waiting for shocks to arrive. Decided to repace all 4 with KYBs. Cheers....