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  1. J88TEO


    aha....a bug but not as in the software type 🤣
  2. "This would typically be from the secondary cats, as all cat back systems, they do not remove any cats. However if you want to remove the secondary cats I can take the system from the primary cats. The effect on the emissions vary." This is the reply I got.... I do not want to remove the cats!
  3. John, Thanks. I have been trying to contact them, after the initial email, but no joy..... Will try another time....
  4. John, When they say "cat back" - do they mean from the 2nd set of cats backwards? The blowholes are before the the 2nd set of cats...just after the sensors.
  5. John, I am a wee bit too far from Leeds.... Longlife at Wallington quoted me that figure which is, to me, a bit excessive. I did a temp. repair for the time being. Am looking at aftermarket ones...a couple of sellers on ebay... Cheers.
  6. I thought it is in the passenger foot well, the orange control unit marked "ABS"? Cheers.
  7. John, Thanks. Will look into this "problem" when I get a bit of time off. MOT is not till 18th Dec so plenty of time to get this done...:-) Cheers. Joe
  8. Phil, Am sure my car has it...there is a sensor on the front NS wheel arch but the link is broken. Another one at the rear NS - link also broken... For whet it is worth ...maybe I will just leave this unplugged! Cheers.
  9. Had Lexi for a few months now though not driving her much during the lockdown period. Now that the lockdown has been lifted I spent sometime getting to know her...gave her a good clean yesterday and on lifting the carpet on the passenger footwell, noticed a couple of connectors were unplugged from a control box.....WTF was the first word that came to mind! I have always thought "everything" works in Lexi except for the TPMS and it was for this reason that I looked under the carpet ( remembered a post mentioning about the ECU/TPMS by-pass ). I plugged the connectors back in and fired her up ....AFS light starting flashing on the instrument panel!! Arrrggghhhhh....the AFS! Where do I start - the million £ question!
  10. Changed the steering wheel yesterday...easy job. Disconnect the negative terminal and waited 30+ minutes. Removed the airbag ( 2 trox 30 screws at the side of the s/wheel ( removing the 2 plastic covers first ). Disconnect the airbag connectors and the 2 connectors for ancillary controls. 19mm socket and loosen the nut..while pulling the steering wheel with my knees and one hand, tap the nut with a hammer and off came the steering wheel ( make sure not to remove the nut completely or risk damaging the thread or worse still, having the steering wheel in your face 🙂 ). Replaced the leather clad s/wheel with a black "wood" and leather one off the fleabay...to match the interior black "wood". I like the look and feel of the "new s/wheel! Happy days.... some more minor works and then its wash and polish time...
  11. Lee, Thanks so much for pointing these out in. It was very reassuring to see 2 clean filters 🙂 happy days!
  12. A new alternator and new multi ribbed belt and 2 hours later I have charge! Battery warning light gone. Happy days. Took the opportunity to check the 2 filters on the oil feed to the cams - phew! it wasa relief to see both are clean and no debris.