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  1. On my car, no other lights except the TPMS and of course the red triangle light too. Message is just "check system". This is the 2nd time this has happened. As mentioned, the 1st time garage told me the system went blank - no sensors detected. Reprogrammed and all Ok until this longish journey...same with the 1st time.... Long journey triggered the warning light??????....strange! Is it possble the TMPS module is faulty? Is this module a "plug and play" one? Cheers.
  2. funny thing these sensors are.....couple of months ago the warning light came on and I took it back to the garage who told me they had to reprogramme the codes as the system went blank. All OK until I too it for a long drive 2 days ago. On the return journey the warning light came back on. I tired resetting it but it would not play back to the garage at some point! Lost it's memory again? Anyone has encountered this problem before? Apart from that, the GS300 mk3 has been a joy to drive! Cheers.
  3. Exactly! So I just have to drive around in my "sports" exhaust!
  4. DC is nout of favour sodon't think he will get away this time... I have a letter ffrom my AD that I am an essential worker but travelling out of borough?...that's a no no! So just have to ring TB and reschedule and in the meantime drive around with my "sports" exhaust 😁
  5. Now that SS exhaust system....tier 4/5 in London area...will I be able to travel to TB to get this done? May have to reschedule the appointment - disappointed!.
  6. Met him years ago and shipped the parts for my E9. I was back in my home country then and came in for a visit. Took the opportunity to source the parts while I was here on holiday and met up with BH. They had the Glossier Beer car there then!
  7. Munich Legends? - Was there a Barney Hayes or something like that?
  8. I still have the E9., the 3.0 CSL Used to own the E9 , E24 ( 635CSi ) - cracking sports coupe....and the E3 ( 3.0SA ). lost interest and sold all except the E9.
  9. Just picked up Lexi...£95 + VAT ( £114 ) poorer and the TPMS light is now out! £60 to remove and refit tyres and £35.00 to erase and programme the sensors. Am a happy man....
  10. I bought 4 sensors from Coiln and my GS300 is going to my local garrage tomorrow for installation and re-coding. I will update when done. Fed-up with the light s on the dash!
  11. There is bound to be resistence as the brushes are spring loaded against the core.
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