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  1. There’s a YouTube video of a guy from the States, he contacted Lexus, and spoke to the rep in Vietnamese, who was overly helpful, he was advised to try something at home. Disconnect the negative on the battery for 10 mins then just turn the car on but don’t start the engine. It will reinitialise. To his surprise it fixed it straight away. Seems far fetched but he had a number of followers.
  2. Nice, there's a legend down the end of my road, never seen it leave the drive but it does look nice.
  3. Assuming your back up and running now, if not, best option if the battery is totally flat, i guess would be to remove it and charge it. I just bought mine and they had the jump it at the garage as it had stood there before my test drive. The alarm sounded for a few seconds then it cleared.
  4. Oh and a Honda Del Sol, that was a fun car, miss that one.
  5. 😀 foolishly i settled for doing the CBT twice so had to do the theory, the 400 Ninja’s are a very nice to look at. But the Naked's are certainly the way to go.
  6. Having had small to medium bikes (50cc to 600cc) I’ve got to say my current Yam MT03 is my favourite, you get to use it’s range and it’s still very nippy. With my XJ6 (Beginners real bike) i found it was really nice but never had chance to use it’s potential. If i had a big bike (1L) I’d lose my license quickly or die trying 🤭
  7. Hi Vlady, Been pondering a Lexus for some time. Was either a Civic saloon or the Lexus, once i test drove it, it was an easy choice 😀. I have a Yamaha MT03 16 plate as mine bike at the moment. I had an XJ6, i wouldn’t last 5 mins on a 1lL bike 😳
  8. Oh and dare i say it a Honda CBR too, just a 125cc though. Take it Bikers are accepted on here 😬
  9. I’m lucky i have a few more days annual leave to soak up all the info. Just seen a post about locking your keys in the car. My wife’s managed it before... Luckily mine don’t seem to allow it.
  10. Hi Farqui, I started out with a Civic VTi and followed up with Accord Coupé V6, Accord Tourer, S2000, Accord EX. The V6 was certainly my favourite although he S2000 was a 1999 model that often was question if it was new (Private Plate to hide the age).
  11. I’m struggling to discover the full spec, the Nav system is no where to be found 🤣. Ive used the my Lexus site to set myself up, but the option of Nav system don’t match mine, maybe not all the Nav’s have connected service. Once i get a chance I’ll get some pics and full spec.
  12. In theory if the battery is low, it may not be transmitting to the receiver by the steering wheel (assumed location). Only got my car yesterday so enjoying reading and gaining knowledge. I have one fob with a low battery. So i tried various scenarios. 1. Touched front handle with fob in pocket, car unlocks, i placed the fob in the back and closed the door, waited 30 seconds and the front door was still fine. 2. Locked everything back up, then went to my boot with fob in pocket the boot opened via the button, i placed the fob in the boot and closed it, the car alarms and wont lock the boot. Cannot recreate your situation, still feel it could be the battery is very low.
  13. Hi, I’m picking up a Lexus 300h F Sport today after after >20years with Honda, I can’t get over how addicted i am, even before collecting it. I’ve spent the last 2 days googling options, I’m not even aware of the full spec yet. Expect to find a treasure trove of knowledge on here.
  14. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

    1. TrevAB


      Thanks Steve, picking up my car today, finally venturing away from Honda.