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  1. Thank you all so much for all the sound advice, encouragement and help..... Yesterday I picked up Bob's car - yes I was the lucky one - and drove it home.... She is amazing and I'm ecstatic with joy, she is a real Bobby Dazzler (aka Bob's Car)
  2. Jack gave you a link to caring for cream leather... everything you need to know, written by Bob. Here's the link again
  3. Very true,,,, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed
  4. Lovely, if you like white cars..... in terms of condition, even if it's 3 years younger and done the proportional lower mileage, nothing can compare to the history and loving care of Bob's car..... you know at the beginning of the search all you amazing people gave me so many tips of what to look for and how to research but when Bob's car came up everyone said just go for it.... and that's not just a measure of the car, but the man himself.... you can't put a price on that sort of trust! Being honourable in this day and age is not something that we hear a lot about, but it certainly can be applied to Bob
  5. And here was me picturing you all as boy-racers!
  6. Rich has messaged me and asked me what I want to know - I replied 'everything' and I expect he'll get back to me tomorrow.... nobody else has expressed interest yet.... busy watching Bob's thread from when he first bought her which is fascinating and awe-inspiring.... his attention to detail is absolutely amazing. All I know is whoever gets that car is one lucky, lucky person.
  7. Well it's a long, long, long time since I was young..... but if you want to stand by your beds, hold onto your hats or any other expression that denotes anticipating a lively transaction.... this is the place. And up or down Pall Mall I shall be wearing a tiara!!!!
  8. Hurrah! Suddenly the 'waiting for approval' message disappeared (but no email) and I saw the video of Bob's car - how absolutely stunning she is! However the site wouldn't allow me to ask for details until I'd started an introductory thread.... so 2 messages have gone now to Lexusman - my introductory thread and a second asking for details..... think I'm the first to request so hopefully that puts me at the head of the queue..... will keep you posted.... trying to contain my excitement!
  9. It has to be sad to see a much cherished car go, but the next owner will certainly be getting a jewel! The helpfullness everyone here has shown to me is unbelievable.... the praise of your lovely car is completely credible.... hopefully I will get a chance to see it for real. I'll be in contact if things work in my favour.
  10. Sounds positively intriguing.....'quite' well??????? Anyway, until I'm approved - or disapproved - it's moot
  11. It says I'm waiting for approval..... could be a long wait!!!!!!