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  1. I have only found the Grom and the Beatsonic USA devices, to do Apple CarPlay, the Beatsonic presently has a software issue for my car and won't be fixed until December both around $500
  2. I want one for my RX 450 2014, and if there is a discount I am up for it, also looking for a good installer. Essex, East London borders
  3. Herbie thanks, but how do I know if it has or has not this facility, or is it a dealer thing ?
  4. Hi RX 450H 2014 premier, any ideas on how to setup drive away central locking. I can see the option to unlock when going in to Park Thanks in advance Philip
  5. Lerstep

    RX 450H

    Hi All I have just purchased an RX450h 2014, very happy with it so far. I have a question, does any one know how I auto lock the doors when driving . I can work how to unlock when I go in to Park Thanks in advance Philip
  6. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!