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  1. I say buy it. Completely different car to the LS460. I'd have bought it myself if I didn't have mine. Good colour as well, Main question has the suspension been done. Missus loves the ottoman back seat and its been a long time since thats happened😆
  2. Ive got one of these. Best thing I ever bought for flat batteries
  3. I will do that John. I'm sure they can print of what's been done at each service time if they wanted to. (No need to see the persons details that paid for it)
  4. Hi Rich Ive heard re getting parts from UAE before. Is it really that much of a difference cost wise? £579 quoted from dealer plus coding £55. Thank you for link
  5. Dont think they will work Steve but I appreciate the pic to check thank you. Until I get one done I think I will attach the key to a bunch of other keys so not easily mislaid
  6. Hi Malc & Thank you It could have been a previous snatchback. I think its more likely an ex lease vehicle at some point and the lease companies have mislaid/thrown the keys. I can never understand that. I've got the service stamps and some invoices. Ideally Id like to get a reprint of the previous invoices but not sure Lexus would give that info.
  7. Yes that suspension issue is same as 460 isnt it. I agree they have gone up in price for good ones especially
  8. Hi John "It had no heart, no Soul, It gave no feedback, The Lexus, it just did what it was supposed to do. Now that is a very interesting thing to quote because I think we are going to hear a lot of this type of comment when electric cars are widely owned. Very fast economical & so quiet etc but something a bit missing that you cant quite explain. Yet I was enthralled by a Jaguar Series III many years ago because it was so quiet. The hybrid in this one is great when it cuts in shame the battery doesnt last longer like they do now. I knew it was going to be solidly made but it has exceeded my expectations
  9. Yep if you are with a brunette but you prefer blondes then you learn to accept & appreciate your choice or you can get yourself a side chick blonde girlfriend as well
  10. Hi Greer, Certainly no discomfort. Maybe I'm used to the German steering that tightens in a straight line. (I don't drive fast anyway so its not a taking bends at speed sort of car as we all know) I see you have a LS400 & I have heard it said that the ride on those and the 430 could even be preferable
  11. Hi John No I bought this privately. Why did I buy it? I needed a comfortable car for long journeys with the pandemic going on. (Thats if they dont restrict us next week) I like Cornwall. My wife has hardly left the house in the last few months & I wanted her to travel in something comfortable. As you guys know its a very well built machine yes some items are slightly old fashioned but it WORKS. I get wound up by todays Mercedes/Audi/BMW build quality & I can't afford a Bentley (and I know they are not as reliable) Pics taken today
  12. Hi All, Well I think Ive qualified to post on the forum. Ive just purchased a LS600hl with the rear relaxation pack. Initial thoughts - not that rewarding to drive (sort of knew this) but the build quality, functionality & ride is top of the line. I just need to change a damaged tyre & get a a spare key. (Yes I've already had the comedy price from Lexus). If anyone can advise best way to get a second key will be most grateful. I also need to get a dash cam again any recommendations. Am in the Leeds area
  13. Hi All Im still looking for a Lexus 600hl. Would prefer the ottoman option but am open to whats available. Please give us a call 07956 875471 Many Thanks