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  1. Just thought I would add my opinion, I have the 200d 11 plate and has 123k on it and not had a single problem with it and yes it does do more short journeys than long so obviously the problems that the 220d has the 200d hasn't or I might just be lucky. I can't fault the car at all. Since changing jobs not so many miles a day to be done ...the next one in a couple of years will be petrol.
  2. hmmm, what size tyres on them Brian?? could be interested in them for a bit of haggling lol
  3. Hi there guys and gals, my son has got a sport cheap and needs a few things for and was wondering if anyone has any bits lying around in the garage or shed...lol also looking for a set of the 11spoke alloys as its got some Aristo wheels on at the minute and they need spacers on, want to get it back to standard as it is in good nick apart from the bumpers need respraying. He is after a tow bar for it or roof bars so he can transport his bike about.. Not sure what else but let me know if you have anything for the old IS.. Tony
  4. I have fitted many discs to cars and it has been perfect for at least 5 months so none of the above can be at fault,
  5. I have had new discs on the front of my IS200d for approx. 5000k, about 5months, I have noticed over the last few weeks that they seem to be warped again, I have done all the relevant things, checked front sliders and pistons are free also sorted the rear sliders as they were rusted in and sliders free, I just find that after 5 months they are warped. They are Brembo discs and pads as I don't put cheapos on. I have been in touch with eurocarparts about the problem but have not heard anything yet. Has anyone else had the same problem or any ideas.... ?
  6. As it says it's been a while since on here but hopefully back and a lot has happened since I was last on here.. I have sold the IS200,after 10yrs and I must say I miss the old girl that I would swap what I have now for it back. I have a 2005 Volvo V70 D5, fully loaded with all the toys. Had it 2yrs now and its pretty good on fuel which is a good thing about it, but it does not do it for me ... was impressed with it when I got it and its now done 192K miles and drives like new, anyway not here to talk about the volvo. I want to talk about what I want next, I want a RX400h, wish I got this after the IS, but hey ho we live and learn.. so RX hydrid peeps tell me the all about yours, realabilty, performance etc.... what to look for when I buy one.. Oh forgot hello everyone,
  7. Happy Birthday whiteman!

  8. The one I am getting is a 2006 V70 D5, 200BHP.... every gadget you could think of in this car, will be sad to see the lexus go but got a good deal on one and got to have it, all this time I have struggled to get things to fit in the boot... I have decided space is also important now...tookme long enough to decide.. I may just put the Lexus in the garage and leave it in there for a few years....not bothered about getting rid....
  9. I may have a detachable towbar up for sale soon as the car is going, let me know if your still after one
  10. not been on here for a while due to work and work and work....... well I have had my old lexus IS200 for 10yrs now and it is going, well hopefully soon to a new home. It has been one of the best cars I have owned and regret it going but I now need better fuel economy.. It has never let me down and the only costs are service costs, well impressed with the car, it has taken me many months to decide to part with it, we have went through so much, it lived with me in Cyprus and back here again. What a car.... So your wondering what I am getting now, well its a Volvo V70 D5 SE with as many extras as you can think of, ex volvo directors car so its got the lot..... My Lexus is up for sale soon and with regret its got to go.... If anyone interested drop me a line as I would rather a lexus owners club owner have it...
  11. well as it says I'm after some brake parts oh sorry not been on here for ages due to commitments .. I'm after some front caliper sliders for the is 200, can't find any anywhere without going to the dealers so if any one has any for sale let me know, thanks...also after some rear brake show pinns as one of mine is not well so like above if any one got any for sale drop me a pm... cheers chaps
  12. as it says the air con is not working, it stopped working so got it regassed and it lasted a week and stopped again. got told it is not the big rad at the front the small condenser, anyone got one forsale and where is it..