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  1. I can say that once the bubbling has started the rot has already set in, I did a repair a year ago on a 03 IS200, didn't look to bad with a few bubbles.. the sill is covered in stoneguard so it takes for ever for it to bubble but when it does it will definitely need the rot cutting out and plating up.. there is a thread on here somewhere about this problem, Every IS I have seen needs this doing after a good few years. when they inject the sill with protection it seems it does not go all the to the rear of the sill..
  2. I never knew that... but the cheaper version certainly makes a difference in sound and economy...
  3. I can say that there is a couple of official lexus shops on ebay or lexus official store selling both and the so called dodgy one is made in Poland... also lexus parts direct sell the YZZAA air filter for the IS220 and IS200 and IS250.... I know what your saying about the braces that go across the filter but when a official Toyota seller sells you the wrong one then it makes you wonder what else do they sell that's incorrect, also the price for the wrong one is cheaper....
  4. The vehicle is IS200d Just thought I would share some useful info about the air filter fitted at last service, I ordered the service parts from well known places, genuine Toyota/Lexus parts. The problem I have had was that the car was so quiet when driving even for a diesel but something had been bugging me for a few months that when driving at around 1800 to 2000rpm you can hear air in the air box resonating and it never did it when I bought it. The only thing different was the air filter. Was told the air filter I bought was correct for my vehicle, but I questioned the different part number and was told it was correct for the vehicle. Well I decided to bite the bullet and buy the correct air filter and fitted last week and sorted, the car is quiet again and a pleasure to drive as the resonating was getting on my tits. I could not believe that an air filter would make such a difference especially when both are genuine Toyota parts.. The proper air filter part number for this car 17801-26010.. also the same for IS220d and IS250.... the part number I was told was correct is 17801-YZZAA, I can say for sure it is not the correct air filter and some dealers are selling this as the proper one and a few other places. I can also say that fuel economy has improved with the new air filter in, it may just be a fluke but I have been doin gthe same route to work, I always thought that my fuel economy had gone down but now has increased by 3mpg, does nit sound a lot but I will be going for a long drive next week and shall see for sure if it has made a difference. I have attached a few pics to show the difference between the 2.. I don't know why some dealers and other stockists are selling the YZZAA air filter has been correct as it definitely isn't... So if you have this filter in I bet if you put the correct one below in you will notice the difference.. not so in the petrol engines... The car is gone back to been quiet like it should be...
  5. As the title says, about 2yrs ago me and my son bought this car very cheap as it was in a sorry state, the picture when we got it doesn't look too bad but its had some work done to it to get it where it is today, not much money tho as most was cosmetic. It was going to be used as a drift car but persuaded my son it was too good for that. First job was the water leak which I knew was the radiator so that was replaced to cure that problem. The previous owner had kept topping up with water so the whole system is just full of rusty water, I have managed to sort that out but a heater matrix is still needed as only the drivers side gets hot, its been flushed many times and still the same. The next job was to weld the cills up as they had the famous bubbles on them, that was sorted so the suspension was replaced as it was knocking on the front end, luckily the garage where my son works there was a second hand set taken off a customers car as he replaced with adjustable shocks. The wheels had to get replaced as they were off a gs300 and looked well out of place on this car, there is a picture with them on.. Next job was to clean the whole interior as a dog had been in the car ands wow it took some getting rid of the hairs and smell. next was to sort the bodywork out as it had many scratches and scuffs on both bumpers and mirror covers, so after spraying them and put back on it was given a full detail with Killerwaxx compounds and finished off with killerwaxx polishes and waxes, what an amazing job we did.. the pictures don't do it justice and it will be back on the road from June 1st with one happy 18yr old driving it around...this car nearly ended up scrapped but was saved … I've added a few pics and one was when it was forsale before we got it and one when we got it then the rest is the present day VID-20200419-WA0020.mp4
  6. I must add my bit with regard to the IS200d , I have owned this for several years and is on a 11 plate with 131k on the clock and have not had a single problem with this, ok it is not a 220d which was known to have problems but hold on before you knock the 200d. The last couple of years it does local running only with no problems at all... just thought I would get that off my chest and surprised no other 200d owners have piped up about this post...
  7. ghttps://www.theclayclothcompany.co.uk/ourshop/prod_7120901-Mammoth-Twist-1200GSM-Edgeless-Microfibre-Twisted-Loop-Drying-Towel-60cm-x-90cm.htmlot I it from the clay cloth company, there prices are very good for all there stuff, the towel is the best for drying a car,
  8. I see what you did there Steve, haha oh and thank you … but when I got it a few years ago now it had hundreds of stonechips on the front but couldn't afford to have the car off the road to get the front resprayed so a couple of weeks ago spent all day touching them all up and flatted them back down and some serious buffing it is back to looking amazing again, also the killerwaxx range do there job too, I wont go anywhere else...
  9. Steve, I have used the stuff to repair a crack/split before, this was on a leather sofa so same idea getting plenty of wear afterwards, I can't remember where I got the stuff to repair the crack/split, I just got it off a reputable bloke off ebay and if you follow the instructions you wont even see the split also you can get the leather dye kit which comes with additional tints to get the seat looking the same as the rest with out having to do the whole lot. It is a bit time consuming getting the right shade but it sure does work and saves a lot of money.. but it is fun doing it yourself.. I will try and find the guy I got my stuff from...
  10. While been at home more often I have kept the car cleaner than normal. I buy all my cleaning and detailing products from The Clay Cloth Company.. I foamed the car with Tenzi snow foam and give it a rinse off. Then it was time for the shampoo which was Killerwax SIO2 which is a ceramic based wash, dried it with a huge drying cloth then polished with Killerwaxx Northern Lights paste, the results speak for them selves, I finished off with some ceramic detailing spray Killerwaxx SIO2 ceramic spray... well I have attached the pics and hopefully you will appreciate my results, since finding the https://www.theclayclothcompany.co.uk/ I wont go anywhere else now, all there stuff is so easy to apply and even easier to remove. This small company started in 2013 and I think we need to help businesses to keep going in the present situation... before anyone asks I don't own it lol...I just think there products across the range speak for themselves.. they do everything you want and more for getting your car clean.... https://www.theclayclothcompany.co.uk/
  11. the main thing to look at is the sills, near the rear arches as that is a well known area for rusting, get pictures of the said sill area and if there is any sign of bubbling through the stoneguard then it sure will want welding, all the is200 range suffer with this rust area... apart from that they are very good solid cars
  12. https://www.theclayclothcompany.co.uk/ go to the link above and try there waxes and polishes, I have a lot of the killerwaxx range and would recommend to start with killerwaxx purple glaze. then a coat of killerwaxx extremely wet then finish it off with the lillerwaxx northern lights paste wax....you will end up with an amazing shine, if your paintwork isn't smooth give it a going over with a clay cloth to get it smooth then start with the above products.... it makes my car look wet..
  13. Have you sold this yet ??
  14. the best polish I use is the best, killerwaxx northern lights, either wax, paste or detailing spray then its killerwaxx bluedreams, basically the full range of killerwaxx, then there is Tenzi quartz detailing spray...