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  1. JPG

    Sports mode

    Yep thanks. that’s what I thought,just use it when and where you want to. some people have always got some garbage advice😂
  2. JPG

    'CAT lock'

    This is the one I had fitted £250
  3. Hi had my car now for a good 6 months and love it. Can I ask when do you put it into sports mode.Been doing a bit of duel carriageway and motorway driving recently and heard for those type of drives it should be in sports mode,is this correct?
  4. Hi yes she loves it and sports mode😂Im the same as you I’ve slowed right down and also try to get the best mileage,actually don’t mind being beaten at the lights anymore 😂,maybe that will wear off. i took out the service plan with my dealer but not the other stuff,went with a firm advised on here,and they have been good,already fixed the alloy wheel I scraped on a kerb,good as new👍.
  5. So is it because I’ve got the bigger screen? if it is it’s a strange one as I can’t see what difference it would have made
  6. It’s is there tho,in the book.number 5
  7. Right,I’ll have a look at that then,but I’m sure I seen them on the screen and the missis says the same,I must be wrong then and I’ve convinced her to think the same 😂
  8. This is what it says in the book,but number 6 isn’t on my screen
  9. That’s the thing it’s not on my settings on the nav screen in the car even tho it’s in the book
  10. Hi on the navigation screen I’m sure it was showing me the speed limits of the road I’m using,could be wrong but I’d does also say it in the instruction Manuel, but the setting in the instruction Manuel is not on my navigation screen setting any ideas
  11. JPG


    No nothing,not that I’ve noticed.and we’ve done plenty of driving since it’s been on👍
  12. Well just drove down to Newquay from Mansfield and for the first time refused to swop with the missis😂 what I do love is the radar sensor on the front.set your desired speed and it increases and decreases with the traffic,👍 what with no gears to Change either,it’s not far off driving it’s self. fuel wise,I’m impressed.from a full tank,I used 3/4s £35,+ a supermarket trip.usually have to fill up more or less straight away in my other yeah Love it👍 Don’t think I’ve put any photos of the car on here yet so here’s a few.
  13. JPG


    Yes sure i had it done at my Lexus garage in Lincoln and it cost me £250 they told me it’s the best there is out there.For that I got the catloc,the catloc fitted with shear bolts that took 1hr and a video of the installation😁 also it’s registered and security etched and a couple of stickers for the windows
  14. I’m sure I’m looking at the base colour coming through,but I’ll try the isopropyl first.
  15. Hi can anyone tell me what the trim of the intermission made of? reason being as the topic title says,some scratches have magically appeared on the front passenger side not the dash the strip above the glove compartment. im looking to see what I can buy to maybe polish it out.
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