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  1. Only that I could chose a system that was completely silent if I wanted. They offer varying degrees of sporty tone but I expect the drone would be too much especially with the auto box. Something I’ll have to ask about when the time comes
  2. So they pretty much replied straight away with a cost of £659 from primary cats back or £479 for half using ss and a choice of noise and tailpipe. I gotta say thats a great price with a lifetime guarantee isn't it? My repair has held up so far today but when I gather the funds I'll be going to these guys. thanks for the recommendation guys !
  3. thank you, i've messaged them will update when they reply
  4. So having recently done a brake overhaul I knew my exhaust would soon be next. I've been getting the cat efficiency code for a while but I've put it down to a leak somewhere that I just couldn't find. The car has been louder and a definite burble from somewhere near the front. Couple of days ago back box snaps off. I've put it back on with a repair piece and paste but I can't see it holding for long. Anyway, when I was running the car after doing this repair I spotted fumes coming from the join from the front cats to the centre pipe. sealed that up with paste too but it's getting silly now. The cost of the rear and centre piece are around £600-£700 for both from what i've found on ebay etc I was just wondering if anyone has just tried making their own? I watched a YouTube video where a guy from the US had bought a universal kit with plenty of straight and pre-bent sections and he just measured, cut and welded it all together. The only issue I could see would be the cats and the holes for the o2 sensors. Can you just cut the cats out and incorporate them into a new exhaust somehow or weld in new ones? Are cats specific to the car? Lots of questions I'm sorry but for me buying some tubing, a MIG welder (I have no experience of using these but can see they are around the £150 mark) and cats/ back boxes seems to work out much cheaper than buying off the shelf parts. I have no doubt it would be a nightmare but I would love to give it a go. What does everyone think? seems like most people just pay the crazy prices to me.
  5. Sorry only now replying. So I ended up getting the old caliper with the snapped bolt repaired for around £50. I cleaned up both calipers and brackets. I removed the old rubber boots from the calipers and bought new ones along with new slide pins from Lexus Parts Direct - The boots were a pig to refit and I split a couple of my spare ones along the way. Greased the hell out of the new pins and put it all back together. I also had to do the front brakes but they were in much better condition. I think I just cleaned and greased those. I noticed I was missing the clips on the rear that hold the pad pins in place so I got new ones as the pins were coming half way out which worried me a bit. I took the opportunity to do a bit of a brake fluid flush too. Put it all back together, bled them and i'm away. No problems so far!!
  6. Thanks both. I’ll shop around . The Lexus parts department were adamant the caliper comes with the carrier and pins/bolts but I’m not sure about it as the price seems low for genuine parts . It’s an hours drive so I might pop up and have a look
  7. Hi all, I wonder if someone could point me in the right direction, after a long drive on the weekend there was a nasty grinding from the rear under braking, I figured pads although they looked ok when viewed through the wheels. Picked up new pads and discs and set about the job. Took out the top bolt of the caliper and as soon as I touched it , it fell off - sheered the support pin . I took the carrier off too and that’s a rusty mess so figured there’s no option but to replace both. No parts stores I can see sell the carrier except on eBay where I can see them for £150 for both items . I called Lexus ( just for a laugh really) and they quoted £180 for both parts!! This seems strange to me and a little on the cheap side , what do you guys think? I had a quick look at the passenger side rear too, took the top bolt out and tried to move the caliper , it took some hits with a hammer but did move although not by hand like I think it should. Maybe try to save this side with a good clean up and grease assuming I can wiggle it free without snapping it? I should add that although the pads looked ok through the wheels, the ones you can’t see were worn to nothing ☹️
  8. Hi everyone just bought a 2005 is250 2.5 very pleased with it, a big improvement on the same year a4 convertible I had. Just wondering, I had a vag401 code reader which was very useful and cheap for the Audi. Is there anything similar for Lexus? cheers
  9. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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